Top 10 Breaking Bad Moments

With El Camino coming out on Netflix today, here are my personal favorite moments from the greatest TV show of all-time in Breaking Bad. SPOILERS AHEAD.

10. Walt And Hank Confront One Another: Some would say that this was the moment the entire show was leading to. Hank finally figures out Walt is Heisenberg. Hank also got a taste of Heisenberg when he is told to tread lightly.

9. Walt Watches Jane Die: After being blackmailed by her, Walt has a chance to save Jane from overdosing. After his initial reaction, Walt chooses to let her die and get Jesse back on his side. It was a smart strategy, but it was the beginning of Walt’s loss of humanity.

8. Hank Kills The Twins: In a thrilling shootout, Hank is ambushed by the badass Salamanca twins. But Hank proves to be more of a badass and down the twins. I do find the twin not shooting Hank to get an ax pretty dumb, but it leads to an awesome moment.

7. I Am The One Who Knocks: Similar to when Walt and Hank faced off, this is when Skyler met Heisenberg. To win an argument, Walt goes on one of his best monologues of the show talking about he’s the one people fear and not the other way around.

6. This Is Not Meth: The 1st time Walt used the alter ego Heisenberg, it was memorable to say the least. Tuco is an imposing villain but Walt shows him whose boss by nearly blowing up a building. In that moment, Heisenberg was born.

5. Gus Kills Victor: In what might have been the most shocking moment of the entire series, Gus slices Victor’s throat open to make him bleed out. Not only does it show Walt and Jesse whose in charge, but it shows Gus’ true colors. In my opinion, he’s the best villain of the show.

4. Say My Name: This is Heisenberg at his peak. In what is Walt’s best monologue of the entire show, Walt shows everyone whose in charge. Some of the best acting Bryan Cranston has ever done.

3. Hank Dies: In what is the most heartbreaking moment of the entire show, Hank is killed by Jack Welker (leader of the Neo-Nazis). In this scene, Walt’s family finally pays the price for his actions. But despite the circumstances, Hank does not yield and accepts his death. On a show about villains, Hank showed why he stands out as a hero.

2. Walt Goes Out With A Bang: Part of what makes Breaking Bad one of the greatest shows of all-time is because of its finale. It wrapped up the story perfectly and gave us this amazing scene. In Walt’s final act, he makes what can right right by blowing away the Nazi’s and saves Jesse in the process. And of course, we now have El Camino because of this scene.

1 Gus Gets Blown Up: Without a doubt, this is the single greatest moment of Breaking Bad. As I said earlier, Gus Fring was hands down the show’s best villain and he went out in the most unbelievable fashion. He only let his guard down once but once is only what Walt needed. One of the most shocking and satisfying moments and TV history. That’s why its number 1.

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