What The Florida?! February recap

Featured image and additional image credits: MiamiHerald.com and cbs12.com

It seems as if the stories about “Florida man” and “Florida woman” take the lead in my daily laughter. In retrospect, I saw some pretty interesting events occur last month. Being that I am from Florida, I am certainly not surprised by any of the stories I found. Enjoy my February-finds!

Third-leg thief

According to Fox News, a 46-year old man walking with a crutch was arrested in the early days of February. In footage provided by CCTV, I was able to see the man on surveillance attempting to rob a local home-improvement store. The story does not get strange until we find out that he was stealing a crossbow. However, it doesn’t stop there. The man entered the store, cut off the security tag, and stuffed the crossbow down the front of his pants. After watching the tape for myself, it almost looks like he has a third leg in his pants! I know what you’re thinking: how did he get away so easily? You probably thought something else, but seriously, how wasn’t he stopped by the cashiers? That is unsure of, but authorities did arrest the man in the parking lot a few days later. How goofy.

“Slapahoe” flight

Next in the Florida news, there was an interesting story reported by Fox 46. A flight that was expected to land in Florida had to land in North Carolina because of a troublesome passenger. The man “Ganter” was sleeping on the fight. This sounded pretty normal to me at first. However, it took an odd turn once Ganter reportedly woke up from his nap severely agitated. He startled other passengers with profane language and stated he was from the Indian tribe “slapahoe”. According to the news report, the man made threats against other passengers as well. The story continues on with fear and expected airline protocols, but it was pretty strange behavior!

Monkey business

Back in November, a Florida woman sold her Capuchin monkey (Sally) to a 15-year old girl and her mother. Midway into last week, Miami Herald reported that the woman was recently arrested. The mother and daughter duo drove down from Alabama after they spotted the monkey for sale on an exotic animal website. According to the source, the seller kept the monkey inside a trailer. “A second, smaller monkey later identified as a white tufted marmoset was reportedly also there”. Can you guess if the woman had permits for the exotic animals? According to the report, it wasn’t the proper paperwork. After purchasing the monkey for 9-grand, the two headed back to Alabama. Things got worse near the Florida state line when they made a stop to change the monkey’s diaper. While they changed Sally’s diaper, she bit the girls finger and it became infected. As she should, the girl went to the hospital and they alerted authorities. Personally, I don’t think I will be purchasing a monkey… ever!

-Allison B. (@funbungirll on twitter)

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