Dogpile Rankings and Breakdown

We are officially underway in the college baseball season, and man, it’s electric! With the MLB deciding that every nickel and dime is essential enough that they are officially canceling the beginning of the season, 18-21-year-olds in college are going balls to the wall for the love of the game. A crazy concept, I know! If you have not jumped on the college baseball train yet, you need to!


The current top 10 teams in college baseball as of 2/28 are as follows:

  1. Texas (8-0)
  2. Ole Miss 6-0
  3. Arkansas 4-2
  4. Oklahoma State 4-2
  5. Vanderbilt 5-2
  6. Stanford 6-1
  7. LSU 7-1 8
  8. NC State 8-0
  9. Mississippi State 4-3
  10. Florida State 5-2

I know I am not doing the other 15 programs ranked in the top 25 justice here, but I had to draw the line somewhere. The rankings change within the top 25 frequently, so a team not listed here today could be in the top 5 come next week and vice versa.


My prediction for who will be “dogpiling” in Omaha this season is a tough one, and many of you will say, “of course you pick them,” and you are RIGHT! I’m going with Texas! I have 0 idea why I’ve always low-key liked the Longhorns. Not from Texas, didn’t go to the University of Texas, hell, I’ve never even been to the State of Texas, but here we are. I believe Texas holds on to the number 1 spot and carries it with them through Omaha. Last year they were simply a matter of 2 or 3 outs away from advancing to the National Championship game and are returning a lot of those players that carried them that far in Omaha and throughout the season. They will have a lights-out rotation with Tristan Stevens, Tanner Witt, and left-hander Pete Hansen who all pitched and dominated in Omaha last year. I think this is the year they finally get over the hump and win the National title!


College baseball is pure mayhem, and it’s incredible! On any given day, any team at any level can beat another team they shouldn’t be beating! For example, Loras College (division 3) beat the University of Iowa (division 1) today 3-1. Loras held Iowa scoreless until the 9th inning. If that isn’t the perfect example that every game matters and anything can happen, I don’t know what is! TEASER, BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR A PODCAST COMING VERY, VERY SOON!

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-Kevin Perdios (@Kperdios15 on Twitter) 


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