Rob Manfred is Public Enemy Number One, But Should He Be?

After CBA talks fell through and the MLB and MLBPA were unable to come to an agreement by 5 pm today, Commissioner Rob Manfred had a press conference to address the fans. He also posted this letter. Needless to say, he did not get many favorable reactions.

I’ve often criticized Manfred and his treatment of the sport pretty much since I started with Couch Guy Sports. And it’s not without reason. But, ultimately, the labor negotiations aren’t just on him. He’s just a public face.

Manfred is the Owners’ Puppet

As commissioner of the MLB, Rob Manfred is on the side of the owners. It was the owners who elected him in the first place, and so he’ll always go to bat for them. You don’t see any of the MLB owners addressing their fans or providing press conferences, but instead it’s Manfred.

This isn’t to say Manfred doesn’t have a role here. He is part of the team bargaining for the owners. But what I do mean is that he receives the brunt of the criticism that should be shared among everyone on the MLB’s side of the table. They have consistently refused to meet the players in the middle, then blamed them for not getting a deal done. That’s some shady behavior.

Ease Up on Manfred (Just a Little)

In this specific situation, we don’t have to place all the blame solely on Manfred. He’s just doing what he’s been chosen to do. That doesn’t make him completely innocent, but he’s not the only one culpable either. He lies a little more in the middle. But all that said, please keep clowning him for smiling in the presser where he announces games will be cancelled. That’s all on him.

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