What Should Fries Be Dipped In Other Than Ketchup?

On Twitter, it’s often that something incredibly important goes viral. On Friday, a very important picture went viral. Yes, this is important.

What should fries be dipped in other than ketchup? The internet has thier response. A lot of responses actually. But, this got myself and others wondering, what other condiments do people use to dip their fries in? Not only does this question require a lot brain power to answer, but there is a very high chance someone will judge you. Ketchup is just about everyone’s go-to for fries, so it was time to get creative. But now, here’s where I step things up and give out multiple condiments that I would use for fries other than ketchup. Let’s take a look, shall we?!

1. Honey mustard

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If Ketchup isn’t around this should be your next choice, no questions asked. Yellow mustard itself is disgusting (except on hotdogs) but honey mustard just hits different. It has the perfect amount of sweetness in it to hide the mustard taste. It’s just as universal as ketchup, and at times makes food better tasting than ketchup does. Honey mustard is an elite condiment that is certainly top tier.

2. Ranch

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Deal with it ranch haters! However, I will be very specific with this one. Ranch isn’t like honey mustard when it comes to how universal it is. For me, if it’s homemade ranch I’ll dip anything in it. You can’t beat homemade ranch (except for honey mustard). However, some bottled ranch isn’t the best which is why ranch is second on this list. Don’t get me wrong, I love ranch, but even I will say that sometimes ranch isn’t necessary to make food taste better.

3. Frosty

Why Wendy's brought back 50¢ Frosties | CNN Business

Yup we are going there. First off, Wendy’s is the best fast food resturant, no debate. It’s basically required to dip fries into a Frosty whenever you’re at Wendy’s. That’s the rule, I don’t make them I just follow them. It makes no sense as to why fries taste better when dipped into a frosty, they just do. Ice cream and french fries. That’s such a solid combination. Who could possibly hate this?

4. Hot/Buffalo sauce

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Yes, I know there is a clear difference between hot and buffalo sauce. But, some people combine them so we’re just going to roll with it. A little spice makes everything nice, right? Sometimes we all need that extra kick. But not all the time. I’m a huge fan of all hot sauces, and sometimes it’s perfect for fries, sometimes it’s not perfect. But, this list would be incomplete without it.

5. Parmesan garlic sauce

Buffalo Wild Wings Parmesan Garlic - Walmart.com - Walmart.com

Yes, this counts. You can buy it online or go to a Walmart and buy it there! This is the best sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings, hands down. It’s a perfect combination of garlic and parmesan. No matter what, this sauce makes everything taste better. It’s a game changer that this can be bought in Walmart.

Final thoughts

So there you have it. What should fries be dipped in other than ketchup? Five condiments you can use to dip fries into other than ketchup. How’d I do? What sauces got snubbed or which sauces do you use? Let me know!

-Matt Burnett (@mattthew_jordan on Twitter) 



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