Fantasy Baseball Hot Take Alert: Buy the Wander Franco Hype by Looking to Sell Him to the Highest Bidder

Top prospect in all of baseball, Wander Franco will make his much awaited big league debut. This has fantasy owners licking their lips in excitement like LL Cool J.

Franco is arguably the biggest prospect in baseball to make his debut since Vladimir Guerrero Jr. The consensus No. 1 prospect in baseball has been living up to the hype in the minors.

While with Triple-A Durham, he has been crushing the baseball. He is hitting .323/.376/.601 in 38 games for Triple-A Durham. To accompany that slash line, Franco has seven home runs, 11 doubles, 35 RBIs and 30 runs scored over 39 games played.

“There’s a lot of players that have that drive to be great or the skill set. One of them. He has the skill set and the drive to do that,” said Durham manager Brady Williams.

“His inner drive,” Williams said Monday. “He doesn’t want to be good. He wants to be great. And that’s a very rare trait to see, especially in a 20 year old.”

The 20-year-old Franco is a must roster candidate in all formats. If you are in a dynasty league and have been rostering him, you’ll get a chance to see him flourish.

Five Category Type Player

Franco has the potential to be one of those rare five category players. He will potentially put up huge numbers from the middle of the infield in either a points or Rotisserie scoring formats.

Per his Baseball America, scouting report, Franco “is an exceptionally advanced hitter for his age. The switch-hitter’s compact, level stroke and above-average bat speed from both sides of the plate grant him a controlled aggression most young hitters can’t match.

His bat control allows him to make consistent hard contact while rarely striking out. He also has an innate ability to adjust his swing, leaving few holes for pitchers to attack. Franco stings the ball and has plus power potential, but his level swing leads to more line drives and ground balls than fly balls.

He has shown in team competitions that he can put on a show in a home run derby. Franco’s body has already filled out. He is an average runner who will have to work to keep his speed with a thick, muscular lower half.”

According to FantasyPros, Franco is still available on the waiver wire. Which, seems absurd since beat writers and the national media have announced Franco’s impending call-up.

Owners in any fantasy league should have immediately went to the waiver wire and placed the claim on him.

Franco has the hype, he’s a Juan Soto or even Ronald Acuña type hyped player. If you have the free agent budget, go get him.

Shop His Value

Owners should look to shop his value as well after he’s called up. There is plenty and I mean plenty of upside with Franco. If you are in a dynasty league and have player control over Franco, you keep him. Unless another owner comes in with a godfather-type offer, Franco stays on your roster.

However, if you are in a basic league where you redraft every year, I’d consider moving Franco. Everyone has that owner in their league who’ll overpay for the hype of the “next big” prospect.

Depending on your needs of course, shooing Franco is worth it. Until he produces at the big league level, he’s still an unknown.

Owners who have Franco love the thought of having a Soto, Acuña or even Fernando Tatís Jr, type player on their hands. It’s tough to fathom trading that kind of potential stardom.

Franco will be worth the wait no matter what you decide. Most owners will take the wait and see approach. This season has proved to be a little different from years past. Pitching has been scarce on the waiver wire and some of the offensive bigger names have been hurt.

I’m not advocating you trade Franco, but I’d listen if the phone rings. Don’t be afraid to ask for the moon in any trade offer.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t look like Jared Kelenic who hit .096 in his first 23 MLB games before getting sent back to Triple-A earlier this month.

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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