What I Would Rather Do Than Watch The Red Sox

The Red Sox are an awful team this season.

They are bad ad should feel bad.

They are so bad that they make me feel bad.

I would rather do many things than watch one of those terrible games.

This includes…

Taking Out the Trash

Is this a long event? No.

Can we extend it to avoid having to watch the juggernaut Orioles hit a HR? Yes.

I will be dragging it out, making sure the trash has the right aesthetic, and enjoying the day.

Perhaps I will look around and enjoy the way the concrete looks grey in the sun. I will not watch the Red Sox.

Watching the Celtics and Bruins

Good sports!

The Celtics look good against the Simmons-less 76ers, and the Bruins just won their first round series against the Hurricanes.

There is quality sports on TV again! No need to watch baseball.

Consider watching good sports and ignoring bad sports an “unwritten rule.” Baseball loves those.

There is no need to tell you why to watch the best team in hockey or the Tatum led Celtics.

Suffice to say, it is a correct business decision to watch anything but the trash Sox.

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Except the Sox, they continue to lose. They deserve it honestly. The curse of Mookie has begun.

The last time the Red Sox looked poised to be meh for this long was after Babe Ruth left.


Crying is healthy for you. It helps release negative emotions.

It is critical for healthy people to express their emotions. Crying is a great way to do this.

Need to cope with the pandemic? Cry?

Maybe you are lonely? Cry about it!

Accidentally watch even a second of terrible Red Sox play? Weep!!

The act of crying itself keeps you safe from watching the Red Sox. Nice!

Write Poetry

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

I miss Mookie,

How about you?

I am sad,

because the Sox suck,

Ownership doesn’t care,

and we know it’s true.

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on twitter)

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