Ben Simmons Injured Indefinitely

The 76’s young star, Ben Simmons, is out indefinitely with a badly dislocated knee.

Having no ligament damage is huge. That being said, Simmons is out indefinitely.

Simmons availability for the 76er’s playoff run is now in doubt.

How good is Ben Simmons?

Simmons is the engine that makes the 76ers run.

Since the insertion of Shake Milton into the starting lineup, allowing for more shooting, the 76ers took off. It is safe to say that surrounding Ben with shooters and scorers is an instant way to be relevant offensively.

However, Simmons second best attribute (after passing) is his defense. He has the quickness to keep up with guards and the size to stifle them. Ben can play anywhere from the 1-5 on offense and can even be a small ball 5. In fact, you can hide his poor shooting there, so it may be a plus.

Simmons very well could be the 76ers best player, if not the most consistent (sorry Joel).

What does it mean for the 76ers?

A serious dent in their title chances is a place to start.

The switchable defense, ability to make the right play, and propensity to step up when the 76ers need a play will be missing.

This is a team that may not be able to make t out of the first round now.

Most likely, the 76ers are going to face the Celtics. The Celtics were a good match up for them with Embiid down low rotating with Horford. Simmons can move the ball and cover Tatum or any of the Celtics perimeter scorers when it mattered. He also allowed the defense to be switchable with multiple good defensive wings. Now, that is lost.

The 76ers offense will be slower, and they lost one of the best transition players in the NBA.

Not good.

Bottom Line:

The bottom line is that without Simmons, the 76ers ceiling is considerably lower.

Without Ben, they cannot win the title. Another season would be lost for the Embiid and Simmons pairing.

This is a devastating blow for one of the Eastern Conference favorites heading into the season.

No matter how many 40-20‘s Embiid puts up, it can’t make up for the Simmons sized hole.

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on twitter)

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