What Does This Series Mean For The Sox

The first pitch has just been thrown in the Bronx. The Red Sox are currently 10.5 back in the division and 3.5 back of a wild card spot. All this while taking 3 of 4 against the Yanks at Fenway and then immediately following that up by getting swept by the Rays. Thats the 2019 Red Sox for you. Thank god we got some help at the trade dead…oh yea thats right. The Sox are now in a HUGE series with the Yanks as we speak. But the question is, does it really matter?

The only hope the Sox season has right now is that the Rays go back to being that suck bag team that we all know they’re and get swept by the none MLB team, Marlins. We all know that’s not happening! One can hope though right? Obviously the Sox still need to take care of their end, but it’s a lot different now after they got their teeth kicked in last few games.

3.5 games is really not a lot, but with the inconsistency of the Sox this season, might as well be 7 games back. E-Rod, our only real consistent starter right now is on the hill against that absolute pud James Paxton. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we take care of game 1 and begin getting this train back on track here.

Also, what another pansy move by a Price family member deciding to have a kid in the middle of one of the biggest series this season. I mean come on, are we really going to fall for this? Just kidding, congrats to David and his wife on welcoming another kid into this world!! What a savage move it would be to name him, if it’s a boy, Astro! We all know he loved that dog and you’re all liars if you say you didn’t either!

Let’s go boys, we need these next few games!!

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 


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