42 and Still the Best in the Game

Happy Birthday to the greatest Quarterback of all time, Thomas Edward Brady. Today, he turns 42 years old and continues to show the football world that he isn’t slowing down.

The NFL players did a survey of the top 100 players in the league and Brady was ranked number six on that list. In my opinion, that is very inaccurate. Brady is coming off his sixth Super Bowl title and the players voted two Quarterbacks ahead of him. Not to mention that Brady beat one of those Quarterbacks to get to the Super bowl.

It feels like Brady is only getting younger. I have to remind myself that he is in his forty’s and that the time of him hanging them up is coming. It is sad because I haven’t lived a life without Tom Brady under center for the New England Patriots.

The league, the players, and the world need to enjoy this moment because I don’t think there will be another player like this. He could have retired after the he won his fourth Super Bowl and still would have been considered the greatest of all time. However, he’s doing the impossible by showing people that an Athlete in his forty’s can show out with the best of them.

Again, Happy 42nd Birthday Tom. Love him or hate him, you need to respect the hard work, dedication, and guts he brings to the game of football.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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