Bravo Red Sox

Bravo Red Sox, you’ve managed to flush this season down the toilet. After winning the World Series in dominating fashion, the team started 2019 with a hangover. The Red Sox dug themselves into a hole that they never got out of. Is it too late to grab the wild card spot?

For the most part, fans can’t blame the offense. The Red Sox rank fist in almost every offensive category. The bats are hot and the line up is lethal. However, you can’t just out slug everyone. The starting pitching and bullpen have been disastrous all season. If it’s not one it’s the other. As of right now, the starters can’t even go 5 full innings, and then they turn it over to a terrible bullpen.

Right now, to make a run for the wild card spot, the Pitching has to go on a tear. Sale, Porcello, and Price have to take charge and act like the Cy Youngs they once were. Do I see that happening? NO. It feels like the pitching has given up for some reason and I hope it’s not because the front office didn’t make a deadline move.


This series with the Yankees will either put the Red Sox out of the playoff race or catapult them into that wild card spot. I’m most interested in seeing how the starting pitching performs. We all know the bullpen is awful, but the Red Sox have big named starting pitchers. SHOW YOUR WORTH GUYS. Win this series, stay in the hunt, and keep grinding the rest of the way.

Connor  Strayer (@CouchGuyBigC)

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