What Does the Future Look Like for Julian Edelman?

The New England Patriots have a lot to look forward to in the 2021 season. They actually have some offensive weapons to throw to now in tight ends Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry. Not to mention, they’ve bolstered up the defense with big signings like Matthew Judon and resigning such as Kyle Van Noy. But there is still one big question mark regarding the Patriots. No, surprisingly it isn’t the quarterback position this time. It is one of the franchises most popular and loved players, wide receiver Julian Edelman.

Ouch! This one kicked me right in the stomach. Julian Edelman is a Boston icon at this point in time. So with this report coming in, this means a few things.

Have to Consider the Age

Julian Edelman is 34 turning 35 years old in May of this year. He doesn’t have a whole lot of time left. Being a wide receiver that’s older compared to a quarterback is night and day. Wie fieldde receivers are getting banged up, almost every play. With the amount of hits and blocking Edelman has done throughout his Patriots career, it’s no secret why his knee is so banged up. If Edelman was say…28 or 29, this would be different. But with him being a seasoned veteran, that hurts him in this situation.

The “Kemba Walker” Treatment (?)

The Patriots could take the approach that the Celtics are taking with Kemba Walker. Maybe play Julian one week and sit him the next? A load management type situation. Is it ideal? No. Is it feasible? Maybe. But I will say this, Edelman on the field/sidelines helps from a veteran leadership perspective. Sure, you signed a few veteran receivers like Nelson Agholor and Kendrick Bourne. But having Edelman out there is just different. I know it isn’t likely, but get him on the field by any means necessary! Please?


The first option seems more likely. Julian Edelman could realistically be cut if the salary is a problem for the Patriots organization. Then he can go join Tommy boy in the sunshine state with the Buccaneers! A trade? Maybe not TOTALLY out of the question. But it’s a possibility nonetheless. If you can get anything for Edelman at this point of value…why not do it?

In Conclusion

It stinks to see this is what Julian Edelman’s career has become in the later half. He was such an explosive player in his prime. Not to mention reliable! I love Julian Edelman and I’m sure most Patriots fans agree with that take pertaining to themselves. Hopefully, Edelman can make one last push. If not, let’s remember the good times we had with #11.

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Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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