What Does Cam Newton Mean for Pat Patriot?

New England Patriots newly signed quarterback, Cam Newton, is keeping his known number 1 on his jersey. It’s been his number since he was drafted by the Carolina Panthers. Newton is the first player to dawn the number since 1987, that’s pre-Jess’ birth, so it’s the first time in forever. (Please don’t sue us, Disney)

Since 1987 the number 1 was issued to only one man, Pat Patriot. It seems like Newton went behind Pat’s back and insisted that he was able to keep wearing number 1. We reached out to the Patriots for a comment but we did not hear back from them. However, I also reached out to a former Pat Patriot who had this to say, “As a former pat patriot I would have liked to see Cam Newton earn the number 1 jersey in New England instead of just giving it away. Quarterbacks come and go (looking at you Brady) but Pat Patriot will be here forever.”

I’ve met Pat Patriot before, a couple of times. He’s a man of few words and seems to be very polite. I think Cam Newton should have asked Pat to keep his number and wait for a polite nod from the team’s mascot.

It’s not smart making enemies before training camp even starts. Pat Patriot might be someone you don’t want to cross. It’s always the quiet ones that you need to watch out for, ya know?

-Jess Donahue (@jldx392)

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