Cam Newton’s Video Should Give You Chills and Super Bowl Hope

First off, inject all these Cam Newton videos into my veins! I’m so excited, and this just sent me over the moon. If you haven’t been paying attention to Cam’s social media posts, I’ll fill you in. He’s ready.  He has been posting videos of him working out nonstop since he was released. This video hits a whole lot different, though. This entire video is quotable, but I’m going to talk about two big quotes you need to take away from this:

First, “They ain’t never seen this Cam. You wanna know how I know? Shit I ain’t never seen this Cam.” Holy fuck. Cam Newton, MVP, been to a Super Bowl, a big-time player, and even he is thinking how much different he feels. I talk about this on my podcast, but we’re going to see a new Cam. A Cam Newton that has to go out and show everyone all over again just who he is. He’s also “tired of being sick and tired.” He hasn’t had a real team around him — if ever — so to come to NE is a blessing for him. He’ll be used correctly and put in an actual position to win.

The Second BIG Quote

The second big quote is, “Waking up energized after a long day like, ‘what’s next.’ Loving on my kids more.” Now, this may not be the one that jumps out at you. They’re a bunch of other great quotes. “Son we’re going North” is what everyone is talking about, but this means so much more. When you’re sick and tired, bored of how your days are passing by, you don’t want to do anything, and that doesn’t affect just work; it also can impact everyday life and your relationships, whether its friends, family, or kids. I think we’ve seen a lot of that from Cam over the past couple of years. At least on the football field. I can’t speak about his home life, but if he’s telling me that he loves his kids more than the balance in this man’s life is on point. That was my biggest takeaway. “Loving on my kids more.” This man is ready to ball. Can’t wait. Let’s win a title.

-Mike Yebba (@amikewithamic_)

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