A Reminder that NBA Players’ Hands are Freakish

I saw this picture on twitter and I noted how loooong Giannis is. Kawhi also looks long here, but Giannis looks like…well, a freak here.

Lebron looks so small next to him it is insane.

Then, a friend noted that Giannis also has large thumbs.

Of course, my brain then goes to the hands of Mr Leonard as well.

Everyone is losing it over Kawhi Leonard's giant hands - SBNation.com

It stays bananas to me always how huge the hands are. Frankly, I find these images off putting.

Then I thought about the largest hands in the game. Which led me to one of my favorite players.


The giant Serbian friend of Tobias Harris and Luka, Boban Marjanovic.

Boban Marjanovic provides efficient production off the bench ...

My goodness those hands. What an absolute unit.

Presumably, that is a NBA sized basketball.

Here is a photo of me ten years ago, holding one of those mini balls that go with the hoop on the door, for context.

Here Boban is nearly taking down John Wick, by the way.

*DJ Khaled voice* Another one!


Look at the microphone!

Look at the reporter’s baby hands!

Trump would hate shaking with this giant delight.

Finally, my favorite from my twitter investigation:


The tea, my friends, is this. We live in a different world than these giants.

I live in fear of having to hi five Boban and my hand going missing for eternity into the void of his palm.

Thankfully, I have an easier time finding gloves. Check mate, NBA players. Plus it must take forever to wash those mitts.

Who’s laughing now?

They are; all the way to the bank.

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on twitter)

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