What Do The Pelicans Do Now?

The Pelicans organization was surprised last night when the ping pong balls fell in their favor. The Pelicans received the first pick in the 2019 NBA Draft and will most likely draft Zion Williamson. What happens next? Well, now they have a lot of decisions to make as they head into next season.

First off Anthony Davis still doesn’t want to play in New Orleans. Davis wants to be on a winning team where he has a chance to win a championship. Drafting a 19-year-old kid doesn’t help him with the goal. Yes, Zion could be amazing in his first year, but they still wouldn’t be title contenders. Everyone is saying TRADE TRADE TRADE right now. Well, I say wait till February. The Pelicans don’t necessarily have to trade Davis, he is still under contract till the Summer of 2020.

What the Pelicans should do is try to get the best possible trade package for AD in December. Next market the team around Zion.

EVERYONE in New Orleans is going to want to watch this kid play in his first few months. What would be even better is if Davis is still on the team at the start of the season? The ticket office should have no problem selling if they can open the season with AD and Zion. The Pelicans are hoping that Zion lives up to the hype and can play along with a super start. The front office can use that and can potentially lure in other superstars in the future. Whatever the Pelicans front office decides to do, there will certainly be a lot of buzz surrounding the organization.

-Connor Strayer (CouchGuyBigC)

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