Anthony Davis Hates the Pelicans, Requests Trade


It was pretty obvious to anyone who follows the NBA that Davis’ days were numbered with the Pelicans. Just in case anyone wasn’t sure, though, he wants to make it as clear as possible. Not only is he not gonna re-sign (no shit) he wants out as soon as humanly possible. Which means only one thing:

He’s made it clear that he wants to go to a place where he can win games right away and contend for a title (again, no shit). Right now it looks like the two main contenders for Davis are the Celtics and the Lakers.

Both teams have a lot to offer in terms of young talent and I’m sure LA is much more willing to throw everything they have into the Gulf of Mexico to get AD. That being said, if I’m the Celtics GM (I am not, my resume was denied on several occasions) I am about to clean house for the Brow.

Let’s be honest here, who aren’t you trading right now for Davis? Kyrie? I think the list may start and end at Kyrie. For me, Tatum is a maybe. I would trade Tatum straight up for AD, but that definitely wouldn’t be enough and I don’t want to give up Tatum and then some.

Those two guys aside, I would trade Hayward, Jaylen, and Terry right now for Anthony Davis and I wouldn’t lose even a minute of sleep over it. I could not be more in on Davis and less in on those three guys.

Hayward is junk. There is no two ways about it he is aggravatingly sub-par. I know everyone wants to say “well he’s coming back from a devastating injury, it makes time to get back” but have those people seen Demarcus Cousins?

The man ruptured his Achilles almost 3 months after Hayward went down with his ankle. Sure, Hayward started the season and Cousins just returned this week, but he’s looking healthy as hell right now and certainly better than Hayward, who again, is junk.

I would send Gordon Hayward to Croatia in exchange for one single goat if I had that opportunity. I would trade him for a bag of 6 basketballs that don’t really bounce  because your coach keeps them in his trunk even though its winter.

Gordon Hayward to me right now is like the Queen of England. Everyone still thinks he’s great cause he used to be important but now he’s dogshit and he’s ruining England. I lost myself with this analogy, honestly.

As for Davis, I’d love to have him, but I’m also very afraid that he’s gonna go to the Lakers and then they’re gonna get Klay and everyone’s fucked.

Editor’s Note: The Celtics can’t trade for Anthony Davis until Kyrie Irving signs an extension this summer.

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