What Boston Team Would you Like to See Win a Title and Why Isn’t it the Celtics?

Before we start, it’s Black Lives Matter. Nothing else. It’s not all lives or blue lives. It’s BLACK LIVES MATTER. His name was George Floyd and, he joins others that have fallen victim to our broken system. Do not forget his name and the others.

What Boston team would you like to see win next?

We’re spoiled as Boston sports fans. I don’t think another city will even come close to the type of success that we have witnessed throughout the 2000s. However, with Tom Brady gone, the Red Sox are going through it with all that they have going on it’s time to turn to the two teams that share a home. The Bruins were close to winning it last year and when everyone thought it they couldn’t do it again, they were on fire. Leading by 8 points with less than 15 games left. They could’ve made a run and I know a ton of people would have loved that. I personally need a Celtics title.

Why I want a Celtics title before any other team?

Why do I want the next Boston championship to be the Celtics? We’ve been building and preparing for it for years. Ever since Brad Stevens has become coach, it has been nothing but, “just wait” or “we need one more guy.” Even Kyrie wasn’t enough. We needed more. After all the Kyrie drama, the Cs weren’t even supposed to make the playoffs but those boys were balling. They had such great chemistry and everyone enjoyed watching them. It felt, to me, that this is what we’ve been waiting for. Maybe we’ll get it next year when the season isn’t interrupted by a pandemic. Jayson Tatum is expecting a contract and Jaylen Brown got his money, so maybe we are just one or two more years away. Add a couple of bench scorers, a shooter and maybe we make a dynasty push. It just feels like a suspense movie and I’m just waiting for the climax. This pandemic paused a lot of things and the Celtics season is one that I will think of constantly. “What if they kept playing?”

If they win a ship though, it’ll be fine.

-Mike Yebba (@amikewithamic_)

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