Week 3 NFL Power Rankings: Raiders Surge, NOLA back to Earth

An absolutely wild Week 2 is in the books and there is a lot of movement in this week’s NFL Power Rankings, so let’s waste no time and dive right into my NFL Power Rankings ahead of the Week 3 Thursday Kick off between the Panthers and Texans.

Before we get started here are last Week’s NFL Power Rankings in case you want to dive into that first.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars- 0-2 (Last Week- 32)

Another ugly game from the Jags, who were held to merely 189 yards against the Broncos Defense.

All in all, it has been a rough start to the season for the rookie QB and Head Coach. Fans are still looking for a glimmer of hope for this season, but it does not get easier as they face a potent offense and defense in the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

31. New York Jets-0-2 (Last Week- 31)

What an absolutely brutal game Zach Wilson had against the Patriots. Given he will have games like that, but my god, who was he throwing at? WHAT THE HELL WAS HAPPENING!?

Jets D held its ground but not enough to overcome a horrific start by Zach Wilson.

30. Houston Texans 1-1 (Last Week- 30)

Houston held onto a close game with the Browns for a while, until the Week 2 curse struck Tyrod Taylor again. The veteran QB who has now been placed on the IR is expected to miss at least 3 weeks with a hamstring injury. That is the biggest blow for a team who had looked decent for the first game and a half

They will look to Rookie, Davis Mills now on a short week when they face the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night.

29. Detroit Lions 0-2 (Last Week- 29)

Detroit held their own in the first half of Monday night’s game against the rival Packers, it wasn’t all bad, Goff looked good until the last quarter. Thus the team is in a full-blown rebuild, and there are a lot of positives to take out of the loss.

The loss still sucks though, they look to bounce back against Baltimore in Week 3.

28. Atlanta Falcons 0-2 (Last Week- 28)

The Falcons were in a position on Sunday late in the game to take a lead on rival Tampa Bay, they could not capitalize and it went downhill from there. Obviously, there is not a lot of optimism coming out of the first 2 weeks for Atlanta but can’t knock them for competing hard against the reigning champs.

27. New York Giants 0-2 (Last Week- 26)

Anger and disgust are what I have seen from Giants fans, as they have once again started out 0-2, losing in brutal fashion on Thursday night against the Washington Football Team. Daniel Jones put up a fight, but in the end penalties and boneheaded plays shot the Giants in the foot.

26. Indianapolis Colts 0-2 (Last Week- 24)

Dropping 2 more spots in this week’s NFL Power Rankings, the Indianapolis Colts fought tooth and nail against a high-power LA Rams team. It was all marred by yet another injury to QB, Carson Wentz who suffered two sprained ankles and missed what could have neem the game-winning drive.

The Colts could now look to Jacob Eason if the veteran Carson Wentz isn’t ready to go by Sunday.

25. Minnesota Vikings 0-2 (Last Week- 25)

A loss in brutal fashion on Sunday ruined what was a great game from the Minnesota Offense. Kirk Cousins played well enough to win that game, but kicking once again fails to capitalize as the Vikings lost on a kick that went wide right.

They host the Seahawks next on Sunday.

24. Philadelphia Eagles 1-1(Last Week- 27)

Moving up in this week’s NFL Power Rankings, the Philadelphia Eagles, now regardless of their loss on Sunday to the 49ers, the Eagles have surprised a lot of people with their hot start. The Eagles dominated the 49ers until the second half, but lots of opportunities were wasted in the second half, which would prove fatal for the Eagles.

The downside, they lost some key pieces to injuries in their loss to the 49ers on Sunday.

23. Chicago Bears 1-1 (Last Week- 23)

The Bears’ defense came up big in Week 2 handing the team their first win of the season. Offensively, meh… Andy Dalton is injured and who knows when he will be back. That leaves rookie Justin Fields looking at a possible start on Sunday when they travel to Cleveland to face the Browns.

22. Cincinnati Bengals 1-1 (Last Week – 21)

Last week we saw the highs of Joe Burrow, so naturally this week we saw the lows. Burrow through 3 straight picks against the Bears on Sunday. That came in part of the O-Line collapsing quickly around the 2nd year QB. That is something they need to work on majorly, and boy does it not get easier when TJ Watt and the Steelers D come to town on Sunday.

21. Miami Dolphins 1-1 (Last Week – 14)

One of the biggest drops in this week’s NFL Power Rankings is the Miami Dolphins. Miami was absolutely pummeled at home by their division rival Buffalo Bills. They were shut out 35-0 to be exact. To make matters worse, starting QB, Tua Tagovailoa went down with a rib injury in the loss, bringing in backup Jacoby Brissett who could not light a spark.

Any life that was had from the thrilling win in week 1 to New England has now been dashed. Add having to travel to Las Vegas to face a red-hot Raiders team… YEESH…

20. Carolina Panthers 2-0 (Last Week – 22)

The Carolina Panthers are moving on up in this week’s NFL Power Rankings.

The Matt Rhule and Sam Darnold era are off to a hot start in Carolina as the team is now 2-0. The Panthers have shown they can hang with the rest of the powerhouse NFC. Darnold looks rejuvenated and McCaffrey is as good as ever.

They could be looking at 3-0 if they play their cards right Thursday when they take on the Houston Texans.

19. Dallas Cowboys 1-1 (Last Week – 19)

Dallas got in the win column in Week 2 in thrilling fashion, nailing a 56-yard field goal in the final seconds to down the Los Angeles Chargers. Defensively, Micha Parsons was very impressive as he played Edge Rusher for the first time ever, although they’d rather have him at linebacker, with Demarcus Lawrence out for the foreseeable future, having Parsons know more than one position is not a bad thing at all.

18. Green Bay Packers 1-1 (Last Week – 18)

I could have moved Green Bay up in this week’s NFL Power Rankings, but there are other worthy teams at the moment. Do not get me wrong I think it is great that the Packers got back on track, but I need to see another week out of them before I can start moving them up.

17. Tennessee Titans 1-1 (Last Week – 17)

Tennesee was on the brink of going 0-2… In comes Derrick Henry, who decided to go beast mode and put the team on his back and take them to a record of 1-1.

They are still a long way from being perfect, but the Titans are on the right track, and the win against the Seahawks is a HUGE step forward.

16. Denver Broncos 2-0 (Last Week – 16)

Another team that no one would have thought would be 2-0. They have impressed in the first 2 weeks. It was the official coming-out party (post-injury) for Courtland Sutton. Sutton had 9 catches for 159 yards against a struggling Jaguars Secondary.

They will look to keep it rolling next week against a struggling Jets team.

15. Washington Football Team 1-1 (Last Week – 15)

Taylor Heinicke earned his first career win against the New York Giants last Thursday night, the win showed that even without veteran journeyman QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Washington Football Team can still get the job done and is still a threat to win a meh, NFC East.

14. New Orleans Saints 1-1 (Last Week- 8)

Oof, what a fall for the Saints this week. After a massive win over Green Bay, Jameis and the Saints could only muster up 7 points as they fell to the Carolina Panthers. It won’t get any easier for NOLA as they now travel to New England to face a tough Patriots Defense.

13. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-1 (Last Week – 11)

Oof, Pittsburgh got a massive wake-up call against the Las Vegas Raiders. Big Ben is not the same, and a young offensive in front of him without his three best O-Lineman (who all are no longer on the team) does not help the cause. It is going to be a bumpy year for Pittsburgh, and the recent injury update to Big Ben does not bode well for the Steelers.

12. Los Angeles Chargers 1-1 (Last Week – 12)

Chargers took a tough loss to the Cowboys last week, but it was not enough to drop them in the NFL Power Rankings.

11. New England Patriots 1-1 (Last Week- 10)

New England got a gritty win in the Meadowlands against a struggling Jets team. The defense looked fantastic as the team picked Zach Wilson off 4 times, and sacked him 4 times.

For a full Pats Week 2 recap, check out my latest article.

10. Las Vegas Raiders 2-0 (Last Week – 20)

Wow…The hottest team in the NFL right now is the Las Vegas Raiders. With wins over the Ravens and the Steelers, the Raiders are rolling, all led by the Defense that has been a menace on the field. They will be set to host the Miami Dolphins this coming weekend.

9. San Francisco 49ers 2-0 (Last Week – 9)

Another team who has been hot as of late stays put in the standings after pulling out a close win against the Eagles.

8. Baltimore Ravens 1-1 (Last Week -13)

Baltimore was facing 0-2 in the face until they were able to force a fumble out of the hands of CEH of the Cheifs, it was a massive win for the Ravens who look to go above .500 when they head to Detroit to face the Lions.

7. Cleveland Browns 1-1 (Last Week – 7)

Cleveland looked like they were about to lose their starter to injury, but Mayfield prevailed and the Browns got their first win over the Houston Texans.

Up Next: The Chicago Bears.

 6. Seattle Seahawks 1-1 (Last Week – 4)

Seattle fell flat on their face this week, as they lost to Tennessee in an overtime thriller. Nothing to see here though, some minor flaws, but they should be fine.

5. Arizona Cardinals 2-0 (Last Week – 5)

Kyler Murray has been RED HOT. The kid has 689 yards and 7 touchdowns to start the season. As Arizona moves to 2-0 after a shootout with the Minnesota Vikings. They will look to keep rolling with a matchup against a bad Jaguars team on Sunday.

4. Buffalo Bills 1-1 (Last Week – 6)

Buffalo bounced back in a huge way with a 35-0 whipping over the Dolphins. The Buffalo defense never let up, and the Bills backfield combined for 3 touchdowns. Buffalo will look to keep rolling when they host the Washington Football Team next.

3. Kansas City Chiefs 1-1 (Last Week – 2)

Kansas City showed a fatal flaw Sunday Night in their loss to Baltimore, the defense could not hold down Lamar, and it cost them in a shootout, Sunday also showed that the team cannot always hope that Patrick Mahomes will bail them out, that showed with the crucial CEH fumble. KC has some work to do, but they are still a top 3 team regardless.

2. Los Angeles Rams 2-0 (Last Week – 3)

Los Angeles pulled off a win over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday and Matt Stafford still looks good with this team. A massive early-season Showdown will put this newly rejuvenated team to the test when they face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-0 (Last Week – 1)

Ho Hum, Tom Brady is 44 and still tearing up defenses. Not much else to say.


Put a Wrap on Week 3 of NFL Power Rankings

Another wild week is in the books and we witnessed a lot of movement in this weeks NFL Power Rankings. Will it be the same next week?

Stay tuned Wednesdays each week as I will give my full NFL Power Rankings as the season progresses!

-Jeff Hoak (@jeffhoak1)

Featured Image: NBC Sports

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