NFL Week 2 Power Rankings: Saints Marching Up, Packers Fall Hard

With Week 1 in the books, it is time to dive into the NFL Power Rankings ahead of Thursday Nights Week 2 kick-off between the Washington Football Team and New York Giants.

Before we get started here are last Week’s NFL Power Rankings in case you want to dive into that first.

Now, let’s get rolling on the Week 2 NFL Power Rankings.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (Last Week- 29)

An ugly game by the Jacksonville Defense allowing 37 points to a Texans team that was expected to struggle. Mix that with a so-so performance from the first overall pick, Trevor Lawrence who threw 3 TDs and 3 INTs. A well-deserving drop down for the Jags.

31. New York Jets (Last Week- 31)

Yikes is this O-Line in shambles, the New York Jets lost top tackle, Mekhi Becton for at least 4-6 weeks with a knee injury. A line that was already thin allowed 6 sacks on Rookie QB, Zach Wilson. That joined with a struggling secondary, Gang Green has their hands full with rival New England Patriots coming into town on Sunday.

30. Houston Texans (Last Week- 32)

Not gonna lie, Houston was a big surprise last week. Tyrod Taylor did a fine job navigating that offense, all while making Brandin Cooks look like the New Orleans Saints version of himself. They are in no way back yet, but it is a possible sign of hope how well they performed. Even if it was just the Jaguars they faced.

29. Detroit Lions (Last Week- 30)

Detroit did what we expected, lose. Although offensively they did not look terrible. Jared Goff led the team to 33 points in a 41-33 loss. Even with a lackluster group of receivers, he was still able to get the job done. The team has some work to do still, and the loss of Okudah is big. The Detroit Lions are slowly on the rise.

28. Atlanta Falcons (Last Week- 28)

Not much to say here, it was a lackluster day all around for the Falcons and Arthur Smiths’ first game as a head coach. Does not get any easier either as they are now set to face the reigning champs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

27. Philadelphia Eagles (Last Week- 27)

The team that beat the Atlanta Falcons last week also stays in the same spot in this week’s NFL Power Rankings. Jalen Hurts looked damn good against the Falcons, while the defense stepped up in a big way paving the way for the first win of Nick Siriani’s NFL Head Coaching Career.

26. New York Giants (Last Week- 25)

Who would have thought that two of the worst O-lines in the NFL would be in the same Stadium in New Jersey? The G-Men struggled mightily on Sunday at home against the Denver Broncos. Daniel Jones and Co. only mustered 13 points in a loss that only bumps them down one spot in this week’s NFL Power Rankings.

25. Minnesota Vikings (Last Week- 22)

With a sharp fall from the 22nd spot, the Minnesota Vikings took the Bengals to the end of overtime before losing on a Field Goal. That has a lot to do with some sloppy play (and some questionable officiating). Between the penalties and turnovers, it was just a rough day all around for Minnesota.

24. Indianapolis Colts (Last Week- 21)

Dropping 3 spots in this week’s NFL Power Rankings are the Colts. The team is coming off a 28-16 loss. The defense looked meh, gave up a ton of yardage to the Seahawk’s offense. The shining light was Carson Wentz who looked good coming off a foot injury. Here’s to hoping they can stay healthy.

23. Chicago Bears (Last Week- 20)

Oh, where to begin with the Chicago Bears. They didn’t look horrible, but that is about it. As long as Andy Dalton is behind center this team is not going far, and Sunday night against the Rams showed why.

22. Carolina Panthers (Last Week 26)

Another decent jump in this week’s NFL Power Rankings is the Carolina Panthers. The front seven of that defense absolutely wreaked havoc on the New York Jets, sacking Zach Wilson a total of 6 times. It was the best performance we have seen from this defense in a long time. Offensively, not terrible, but Darnold and Co. definitely have some work to do to make it better.

21. Cincinnati Bengals (Last Week 24)

Joe Burrow didn’t miss a beat, and J’Marr Chase shut the haters up with a 100 plus yard game. The defense shut down the Vikings in a big spot making Dalvin Cook fumble, and the O-Line… it didn’t look that bad. All of this is deserving of the three-spot move up.

20. Las Vegas Raiders (Last Week- 23)

What a way to cap off Week 1 of the NFL season than with an overtime thriller/upset. The Raiders opened up their new stadium to fans only to treat them to a game-winning touchdown in overtime, let alone the win was over a powerhouse Baltimore Ravens team. HUGE win for Las Vegas, even if it is only Week 1.

19. Dallas Cowboys (Last Week – 16)

The Dallas Cowboys put up a hell of a fight in the Week 1 opener against the Buccaneers. The passing offense was almost pristine, and the defense did what it had to do, yet just fell short. The 3 spot fall in the NFL Power Rankings this week is just due to other teams around them. All in all, the Cowboys are in good hands so far.

18. Green Bay Packers (Last Week – 3)

Wow, the biggest fall of the week is also a massive surprise. The Green Bay Packers were absolutely manhandled by Jameis Winston and the New Orleans Saints this past Sunday. A massive 38-3 loss that will go in the books as Aaron Rodger’s most lopsided loss. Just an absolute all-around disgusting performance on both sides of the ball. They will look to bounce back in Week 2 on Monday Night Football against the Detroit Lions.

17. Tennessee Titans – (Last Week – 9)

Another team that was embarrassed in Week 1 was the Tennesee Titans. Even worse, it was in front of their home crowd. The Arizona Cardinals front seven absolutely terrorized Ryan Tannehill. Chandler Jones himself had 5 sacks on the night. The offensive line was just flat-out embarrassing. Just like the Packers, an absolutely disgusting performance all around.

16. Denver Broncos (Last Week – 19)

Teddy Bridgewater impressed in his first start as a Bronco, as they handled the New York Giants well. The downside, they lost their top receiver in Jerry Jeudy for at least 4 weeks due to an ankle sprain. All in all though good performance for the young Broncos team. Look for them to keep it up in Week 2.

15. Washington Football Team (Last Week – 12)

The Football team took a last-second loss to the Los Angeles Chargers at home on Sunday. That is not the worse aspect though, they have now lost Starting QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick to a partially dislocated hip. That lines up Taylor Heinicke for Thursday night’s game against the Giants. It should be interesting, to say the least.

14. Miami Dolphins (Last Week – 14)

Miami proved that defense wins games, as star CB, Xavien Howard punched the ball out of Damien Harris’s hands in the Red Zone to cap off a 17-16 win over the New England Patriots. It was the pinnacle of a gutsy win at a stadium that the team rarely wins in.

13. Baltimore Ravens (Last Week – 7)

Just an ugly all-around loss for the Ravens. The defense looked vulnerable, the loss was also marred by Lamar Jacksons’ inability to hold on to the ball when the pressure get to him. It does not get any easier for the Ravens, as they now get set to face the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Night Football.

12. Los Angeles Chargers (Last Week – 15)

A team who could not capitalize late in the 4th quarter last year and lost a plethora of one-score games, finally won a one-score game thanks to Justin Herbert’s game-winning drive against the Washington Football Team. The second-year starter just could not miss late in the 4th quarter as he was firing lasers left and right. If Herbert can keep up this role of late-game closer. Then, the Chargers are gonna be a threat.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (Last Week – 18)

A big win in Buffalo Sunday thanks to a big second half for the Steelers. The game was very defensive and when the moment came, they shut down a potent Bills passing offense. All of that, adds up to the Steelers jumping 7 spots in this week’s NFL Power Rankings.

10. New England Patriots (Last Week- 10)

The New England Patriots suffered a gut-wrenching loss to the Dolphins in Week 1, as I explained in the Week 1 Patriots Recap. All in all, though it wasn’t bad enough to move the needle on their Power Rankings, so they will stay the same here this week, but they need to figure out their ball-handling issues. One thing is for sure though, Mac Jones has a bright future in New England.

9. San Francisco 49ers (Last Week – 11)

San Francisco looks good! Jimmy G seems healthy again and Trey Lance will have a role in this offense regardless if he is the starter or not. It is an absolutely loaded NFC West. They will try to keep it up and going again next week when they face the Eagles.

8. New Orleans Saints (Last Week- 17)

What a statement win for Jameis Winston and the New Orleans Saints, absolutely shellacking the Green Bay Packer 38-3. Winston lit up Green Bays Defense for 5, yes 5 touchdowns. Just an astounding game all around for NOLA.

7. Cleveland Browns (Last Week – 5)

Cleveland started out great, had the Kansas City Chiefs on the ropes. Then, Patrick Mahomes came along. It was even worse than they had to play the Chiefs again at Arrowhead. The home team would prevail once again, the bright side, this Browns team is not scared to go up and pressure a powerhouse. Up next? Taking down that said powerhouse.

6. Buffalo Bills (Last Week – 4)

Buffalo took a tough loss at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers. They were straight-up outplayed. The Bills had a game plan set, and it was bound to work. It just could not fall into place or execute well enough.

5. Arizona Cardinals (Last Week – 13)

Arizona looked electric in an upset over the Tennessee Titans. Kyler Murray looked unstoppable. Chandler Jones is looking for a payday and played like it with 5 sacks. Arizona could be a legit threat to an absolutely loaded NFC West.

 4. Seattle Seahawks (Last Week – 8)

Seattle is Seattle, and as long as they have Russell Wilson they will keep on cookin’. Wilson didn’t even have to do much, in fact, the team ran more than they did pass. Wilson did come up big though with a 69-yard pass to Tyler Lockett to really put the game on ice.

3. Los Angeles Rams (Last Week – 6)

The Los Angeles Rams are fun again! Man, who would have thought having a strong arm in an offense as the Rams have would make them a threat! Well… everyone did. That’s beside the point because Matthew Stafford looks as good as ever with his new teams and plethora of weapons. Look out NFL, cause here come the Rams.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (Last Week – 2)

Patrick Mahomes leading a comeback in the fourth quarter? Never seen that one before. Kansas City stays as one of the best teams in the league, even after almost getting upset by the Cleveland Browns.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last Week – 1)

Ho Hum, Tom Brady is 44 and still tearing up defenses. Not much else to say.


Put a Wrap on Week 2 of NFL Power Rankings

And there you have it, your second batch of NFL Power Rankings. How many ups and downs will we have next week?

Stay tuned Wednesdays each week as I will give my full NFL Power Rankings as the season progresses!

-Jeff Hoak (@jeffhoak1)

Featured Image: NBC Sports

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