WATCH: Useless Security Guard Stands By Filming Two Cops Arresting Someone While They Scream For Assistance

What a world we live in, man. Look, I understand the fascination with cell phones more than most people. I’m addicted to mine and there’s no way around it. I’ve tried to tell myself, “I can log off of Twitter whenever I want. I don’t need help.” But I’m back on it within minutes, huddled in a corner coddling myself until I feel strong enough to stand and go on with my life.

There are times though that you just need to put the phone away. I’m no expert, but pretty sure this is one of those times for this security guard.

What the hell is this lady doing? She’s a security guard which, yeah, doesn’t mean much in a lot of cases, but this is the moment when it does! Lady, you have two police officers clearly struggling with a guy on the ground and you can’t even make it over there to help out? What the hell were you hired for? That’s literally your job. Help. You aren’t even doing the toughest part of the job. The two officers have this guy on the ground you actually just have to do the least amount of work out of the three.

Jesus. Like they said in the video, the security company who hired her has fired her directly after seeing this video and thank Jesus.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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