PROTESTING The 2019 Red Sox Schedule

Major league baseball released the Red Sox 2019 schedule and we should all protest it. First off, the Sox start the season on an 11 game road trip out West. The Sox also have two “home” games in London. Last time I checked, the team is called the Boston Red Sox, not the London Red Sox. it’s awesome to have a two-game stint in London but why does it have to count as two home games? As the 2019 Summer cruises along, the Sox get to spend their 4th of July in Canada of all places. 

Since most of the Red Sox lineup will be in the All-Star game, it would make sense to have the game in Boston. No offense to Cleveland, but Boston is much better. Let’s make a petition to have the All-Star game in one of the most Historic parks in baseball, Fenway Park. So that’s my rant about how the 2019 Red Sox schedule is a pile of crap. I can’t wait to stay up till 2 am for the first 11 road games to watch the Sox go 10-1. 


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Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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