WATCH: Roy Moore’s Wife Wants Us All To Know That The Moore’s Have A Jewish Lawyer

This senate race in Alabama has been ridiculous from the time the allegations started pouring in about candidate Roy Moore hounding for some underage women at a local mall years ago.

And I’ll say this; This may be my first blog that has anything to do with politics. I’m not a political guy but I’ve been following this race mostly because of the sports talk radio show I listen to in the morning, Kirk and Callahan of WEEI.

But Jesus Christ what a world we life in. We have Trump tweeting out today that a woman who is lashing out at him would have done anything, and he means anything, for campaign contributions.

And we have a senate candidates wife coming out and making sure that we all know that she’s got a Jewish lawyer and she wanted to let everyone know while they were there in the room. Because God damn it, the Moore’s love the Jews.

I can’t watch this video without laughing. It’s bananas that this is seen as okay to a ton of these Roll-Tide yellin’ Alabama folk in the crowd.

Imagine this. There is someone out there who wasn’t going to vote for Moore and saw this video and went, “BAH GOD! You hear that!? Their lawyer’s a jew! We can vote Republican in this race!”

It’s reasons like these as to why I love Twitter. These kinds of gems. And 10 out of 10 chance she walked off of the stage and thought she crushed that little speech. Nailed it.

If you casted this woman in Talledega Nights she would have fit seamlessly. No doubt.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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