LiAngelo & LaMelo Are Off To Lithuania

The Big Baller saga continues after Lavar Ball has decided to send LaMelo and LiAngelo to play overseas in Ludhiana. The Club that the two youngest Ball brothers will be playing for is Vytautas. Now the interesting part is, that the brothers only signed a 1 year contract with this Lithuanian team making only $500 a month. The two will also be playing for the development team in this club. Yes these brothers have a passion to play basketball and they will both be playing together, but this will be a big time culture shock for them.

This Lithuanian team shoots a lot of threes, does not play any defense, and the head coach does not even speak English. I am starting to think this is another bad move on the part of Lavar Ball. Lavar has also stated that all three of his sons will be on the Lakers someday and that is just a flat out joke.  LaMelo had a full ride to UCLA for crying out loud. LiAngelo will most likely never make it to the NBA and LaMelo has a shot depending on how he develops over the next two years, but what NBA team would sing them?  Every NBA team knows that if you sign a Ball, you will have to deal with Lavar chirping on the sidelines.

Now I am very interested to see how these two perform in Lithuania. If this is a team that shoots a lot of threes, then these two will feel right at home. They are also going to be playing with grown men, not 16-20 year old kids. Look LaMelo is only 16 years old and he will be playing in a foreign country, that he has never been to before. Chances are, he will not like this at all. This kid is immature and will soon get bored of being in foreign country where he will not have any friends or girls around him. If anything, this was probably the best move for the middle Ball brother. LiAngelo who recently left UCLA after being arrested on a team trip to China, really had nowhere else to go. In a sense this will make LiAngelo a stronger player and hopefully he will mature more as person. Everyone is doubting these two, so let’s see how long they will last over in Lithuania.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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