WATCH: Mayhem Outside Of Lincoln Financial Field (Eagles Stadium) Before The NFC Championship Plus Some Post Game Riot Videos

Let’s roll with an old cliche here. You can expect only a couple of things in life to be guarantees. Death, taxes, and Philly fans being absolute maniacs and wreaking havoc during times where the Eagles are in the playoffs.

This guy in the video above looked like he took a bat to a teeth and was barely phased. Long live the Philly playoff tailgate.

Being a guy from Massachusetts, I can’t say I hate it. I need Philly fans in my life if I’m going to continue being happy. For a guy who scours the internet whenever I can for some good ol’ content, the Eagles being this good is a God send. It’s incredible. The riot videos last night were A+. There are some nights where finding content for the Instagram page is a awful. Last night you KNEW it was going to be nonstop. The riots in the streets were exactly what you would expect. Guys riding on top of cars. Ladies twerking like their lives depended on it in traffic. Shirtless fat men with eagles masks on. We had it all.

Easily my favorite part of the night was prior to the game, Philadelphia offials had the poles around the city nice and lubed up so fans couldn’t climb them. Well hey, guess what? There were people wrapped around those poles like that were trained monkey impersonators.

And I’m not finishing this blog without my favorite video of the night. The most electric man in Philly and maybe the US going %110 into a pole chasing a train.

Incredible. I don’t even have to question whether or not he’s alive. That pole easily took more damage than he did. And here is another video from the riots last night. The fact that there were NO arrests made after the game is by far the most impressive thing of 2018. I don’t care what else happens this year, there’s no beating that there were no Philly meatheads cuffed afterwards.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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