How the Patriots Cheated: Jacksonville Jaguars Edition

There have been a few times in NFL history where the #1 passer and the #1 defense met up in the postseason.  The #1 defense had won every meeting…until Tom Brady came into the picture.  So, let’s dive into how the Patriots “cheated again shall we?

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Just like the Tennessee Titans plane situation, the Patriots CLEARLY were involved in Leonard Fournette’s car accident last week.  Because the Patriots were afraid of the run game of Jacksonville, they had to injure him somehow and the car accident was a great cover up.  However; it looked like Fournette ran pretty well physically.

So how else could the Patriots get the leg up?  The Jaguars were called for six penalties adding up to 98 yards, the Patriots, had one penalty for 10 yards.  Many argue, were they legit penalties or does the league just love the Patriots?  Two major defensive pass interference calls set up the Patriots in prime field position.

Looks like the refs just love the Patriots.  Also interestingly enough, this was the fewest penalties called in a postseason game on one team since…the 2011 Patriots in the AFC Championship game vs. the Ravens.  But even after all of this, the Jaguars still had a 14-3 lead AND a 20-10 lead but they still came out with the 24-20 victory.

I wouldn’t put it past the Patriots to try and manipulate the headsets (again) and tell the coaches to run on every 1st down in the 4th quarter and heave it deep on every 2nd down in the 4th quarter.

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And for the love of god, Tom Brady’s hand.  Was this injury even real?  He threw the ball like he was 25 again and it looked like it barely even disrupted him?  The Patriots played mind games with the Jags.  Just like when Telvin Smith said that the Patriots were disrespecting the Jags by respecting them.  Those sneaky Cheatriots know how to mess with people!

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The Patriots won their 3rd Super Bowl in four years back in 2004 against the Eagles.  They now look to win their 3rd Super Bowl in four years again…against the Eagles.  How will the Patriots look to cheat this time around against the Eagles?  Simple, THEY WON’T.  How can you seriously say that they cheated?  I just tried to and I couldn’t stop laughing at the idea.  People will use the cheating excuse for as long as they can, but what they don’t realize is that the more you bring it up, the more you pump up the Patriots.  And for the Philly fans that chanted “We Want Brady!” how well did that work for the Jags?  There is a reason why the Patriots opened up as 7 point favorites.
Written By: Brian Berard (@RockyBerard)

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