Everything Comes Full Circle For The Patriots

This will be the Pats second time facing off against the Eagles in a Super Bowl. The Pats and Eagles squared off in the Super Bowl in the 2004-2005 Super Bowl. We all remember how that game ended, the Pats held off the Eagles 24-21, giving them their Third Super-bowl in Four seasons. Even though only Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are the only participants returning for the second game, the similarities surrounding the game are interesting to say the least.

Like that Patriots team, this team is trying to carve out a piece of NFL history of their own. They are going for another crazy Three Superbowls in Four years, which is absolutely unheard of. If we all remember, the Patriots were set to lose both of their coordinators to heading coaching jobs, just like they expect to do this season again. It seems like a pretty much done deal, that Josh is gonna head to the Colts and Matt will be on his way to coach the Lions.

When the Patriots had to replace a bunch of guys on their staff the last time around there was a bit of an adjustment period. There was a bunch of turnover, just like there will be this season, with the Pats potentiolly loosing Four coaches if you include Brian Flores and special teams coach Joe Judge who may leave when his contract expires at the end of the season.

Last time around the Patriots had time to figure it out and the following season when they came up short of another Super Bowl experience, we knew the Pats would be back, we didn’t think it would take ten whole years for another championship though. This time around things are different right?

Bill will be 66 and Tom Brady will be 41 when next season begins. With a whole new coaching staff coming in, from what it looks like. While we enjoy the journey, enjoy Tom going for his Sixth Super Bowl, and enjoy the masterpiece the New England Patriots have become. It’s okay to be concerned about whats next, why wouldn’t you like to know that there are plans in place to manage such a mass exodus of coaches, an aging quarterback and 66-year-old coach with no coach in waiting.

Written By: Danny Dipietrantonio (donato05)

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