WATCH: Jackie Bradley Jr. Threw A Guy Out From Canada Last Night

There has been absolutely nobody who has criticized and called for Jackie Bradley’s job more than I have over the past two seasons. He is almost unwatchable at the plate for what I would say, the better part of his career and this season may be the year of the garbage can for him.

But it’s been the same exact story with this guy every… single… season. When he came up and through the Red Sox farm system, he was the guy that we all heard about every step of the way. This kid is going to be something. And you know what, he has been okay. I won’t say he’s been a disaster because he just hasn’t been. He plays some of the best outfield that I’ve ever seen but just can’t hit ANYTHING that goes directly down the middle of the plate. Straight up I’ve never seen anyone swing and miss at fastballs right down the pipe more than him.

I complain and want this guy packed up and shipped out of here it feels like every game. And when he missed that bouncing ball in center last night and let it roll all the way to the fence, I damn near jumped out of my window. Clearly, that shook him too because he delivered an absolute MISSILE to home plate to stop the Twins seventh run from scoring. That thing clocked in at 103.4 MPH which is the fastest on the season by an outfielder. The dude has a cannon. No doubt.

I’ll end it with this. For his defense to be worth the starting time, he needs to hit .230. I say the same for Christian Vazquez who too is a defensive all-star behind the plate. Hit .230. I’m not asking for anything big. Just .230. Being a baseball fan sucks. It just does. There’s so much to look at and worry about that it twists my brain into a pretzel.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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