Dwight Howard TRADED to the Nets

People call him “Superman”, but he isn’t going to save the Brooklyn Nets.

This morning, former Orlando Magic center was dealt to Brooklyn from the Charlotte Hornets for Timofey Mozgov, two future second-round picks, and cash according to ESPN. The Nets save $17 million by completing the trade, and allows them to fit two max contracts for 2019 free agency.

This could have a big impact on the NBA landscape if the Nets are able to grab a superstar on the market. The issue is who the hell wants to go to the Nets? They don’t have much of a supporting cast and they have been a laughing stock ever since completing the trade with the Celtics for Pierce, Garnett, and Jason Terry.

For the Hornets, it looks like they are going to change their team up a bit. Howard was a key part of their rotation during their 2018 season, and dumping him off means Charlotte was not pleased with the team’s final win total. But my main takeaway from this move is how sad it’s been to watch Dwight Howard’s career fall apart.

Howard will no doubt in my mind end up the hall-of-fame. Three time defensive player of the year, eight time all-star, eight time all-NBA, and much more. Still, Howard hasn’t made an all-star team since 2013-14 and is heading to his third team in three years.

Howard used to be one of the most untouchable, sought after players in the NBA but has turned into a player with an ugly contract. He was undoubtedly one of, if not, the best big man in the NBA from 2007 to 2012 and was as valuable as anyone. He led the Magic to the NBA Finals as a center at a time when the league was shifting to a guard driven league.

Howard’s downfall started once he left Orlando. He had trouble with the Lakers and Kobe Bryant, him and James Harden didn’t get along in Houston, and he was reportedly a cancer in the locker room during his time with the Atlanta Hawks.

I used to love watching Howard play but it seems his attitude, along with shoulder and back injuries have derailed a career that was destined to put him amongst the all-time greats. Just look at his stats during his tenure with the Magic, he was a man amongst boys. Really makes you wonder if Howard would have stayed on track if he never left Orlando.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

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