Bruins Shopping Backes

Just two years into a five year pact the Bruins are looking to move David Backes. Backes has three seasons remaining on his deal and a lofty $6 million dollar cap hit. It’s a tough contract to move without retaining money or taking a bad contract back in return.

Backes hasn’t lived up to expectations in Boston but that could be due to his injury problems while he’s been here. He missed 25 games last season and he’s not getting any younger. The game is speeding up on Backes and he hasn’t been able to produce like he did in St. Louis. In his 149 games for the Bruins he has put up 78 points, which isn’t terrible but when you’re paying a player $6 mill a year you expect a little more production. Backes’ biggest struggle is that he could never find chemistry with Krejci on that second line so he was relegated to a third line role. Which he excelled in but you don’t pay that kind of money for a third line player.

Trading Backes is almost impossible for this year he has a no movement clause and a few other teams are looking to move on from their aging power forwards too. Backes offers leadership qualities but players like Lucic and Simmonds are also available. Being honest both of those guys are more talented than Backes. Not only that but they are both younger too. It’s highly unlikely the Bruins will be able to move him without attaching some picks and or prospects.

So if they are stuck with Backes what do you do? Well there isn’t much to do but hope he finds his game again. In a league that is getting quicker and quicker Backes needs to improve his skating the days of the power forward in the NHL are coming to an end. Either adapt or get replaced. Perhaps pairing him with some younger players may excel his performance and he’ll have to change to be more of a playmaker rather than a power forward who gets to the dirty areas.

IF and it’s a big if the Bruins are able to move Backes by the end of the 2019 season they would be in good shape to land some big free agents of that class which includes the likes of Drew Doughty, Erik Karlsson, Artemi Panarin and a boat load of other top tier players. Only time will tell for the Bruins and David Backes, for now he’s on the Bruins and they need him to step his game up.

Written By Tyler Smith (@TylerSmith4386)

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