WATCH: Giancarlo Stanton Blasts 51st Homer Of Season And Ties Long Standing Record

This guy is an absolute Adonis. He can’t stop and he won’t stop.

Stanton has easily been making his case to become the new face of baseball. Night in and night out he just continues to rip balls out of the ball park. And the balls are rocketing off one of the smoothest swings in the game by far right now.

Last night Stanton tied the record for the most dingers in August at 18 and the last yoke to do that was in 1937 and his name was Rudy. Killer title. That home run also makes it a league leading 51 on the year. Damn.

I love Stanton. I wish he was on a team that had more hype built around him because then I think he would be getting a lot more publicity, but regardless he is a phenom that this league needs desperately.

People LOVED baseball during the steroid era, and you know why? Because of Long Ball Johnsons. People love watching the baseball take off into the stands. And yeah, I’ve heard the theories as to why there has been an increase in the number of home runs this season. Like the juiced balls theory for example. But I’ll be honest, I don’t give a rat’s ass about that.

If they are juiced, who cares! It makes the game that much better. Because THIS IS AWESOME.

This is awesome

If baseball can get back into the past where they had guys with massive forearms slapping balls to the moon, than it would just be a product that would reel in that younger crowd they’ve been desperately trying to get. They thought putting nicknames on jerseys would help? Come on now. Really?

If baseball needs anything, it is more Stanton. And Stanton just needs to get into a bigger market. Maybe that’s what we need to stop doing in sports, letting the garbage teams draft first. So the big names in the NFL end up in Cleveland? See the problem there?

Keep RIPPING it, Stanton. This guy has made it a chore at night to check Twitter and see if he mashed one. Somebody needs to make a Twitter account called, “Did Stanton hit a home run?”… Hm…

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)


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