Just Pay The Man

The Boston Bruins are pissing off their young talent again (see Kessel, Hamilton, Seguin) and low-balling David Pastrnak. The Bruins recently offered Pastrnak a seven year deal at $6 million a year. Six mill is a big number but the way young talent is being paid now it is a low ball offer. The Bruins have to sign Pastrnak and pay him the way a first line winger deserves to be paid.

Leon Draisaitl just signed an extension with an annual value of $8.25 mill and Draisaitl and Pastrnak are pretty comparable players. Pastrnak has achieved 123 points in his 172 career games and experienced a breakout year last season nothing 70 points. Draisaitl has 137 points in his 191 career games and reached 77 points last season. These guys are both skilled players and deserved to be paid that way, Draisaitl is a better defender which is why he might be paid more than Pasta.

The market is always changing and thats why if the Bruins sign Pastrnak to a 6 or 7 year deal for about $7 Mill in would be a steal because the salary cap has continued to increase in the NHL which means in 4 years when the cap is raised even higher and Pastrnak is still in his prime his cap hit will be cheap and the team will be able to pay it’s young defenseman that will soon need contracts (Carlo, McAvoy, Zboril). Just thought I’d chip in that Pasta was 18th in the league for points last year…ahead of guys named Ovechkin, Benn, Tavares and Pavelski to name a few.

Essentially, I’m tired of the Bruins trading away guys who ask for too much money and I’m getting the sense it might not be the acting GM’s fault and that it might be a full blown organization problem. Just pay the man what he’s asking for no other Boston teams seem to have much of an issue on a little bit of overspending to keep young talent and few teams in the NHL share the issue.

Written By Tyler Smith (@TylerSmith4386)

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