The Cavaliers Need To Just Shut Up

The Cavaliers need to shut up about this trade already because nothing is going to change. They keep crying about about how bad IT’s hip is and that they did not know it was hurt… Coming from the team that actually saw IT get hurt on the court with their own eyes. The Cavaliers are just trying to get as much as possible from this trade and it will not work. IT came out last night and said that he is not damaged AND Boston would be stupid to give more pieces up for Irving. 

The more that the Celtics give the Cavaliers the less they have to work with when it comes to trading for another superstar. The Celtics 100% need to make a move for another superstar player if they want to have a chance at taking down the Warriors. However, if the Celtics give up more picks in this Kyrie deal then they will not have enough to make another big move. 

 But hold up, imagine what would happen if the NBA decided the trade should not go through and the teams got their original players back. It would be absolute madness in Boston. Ainge would be getting back two players that LOVED playing in Boston (IT & Crowder). These two would be unhappy campers and would just make the locker room awkward overtime.

Do not be worried Celtics fans. We will not be giving up anymore that what we already have for Irving. We will also not be getting IT and Crowder sent back to the team. Stay tuned over the next few days to see what the Cavaliers try and do next.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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