WATCH: DeMar DeRozan Threw Down One of the Most Vicious Dunks of the Season

This might actually be one of the most vicious and disrespectful things that I’ve ever seen in sports.

DeMar DeRozan went down the court with one mission in mind. His mission was to straight up murder someone. I’m convinced if he had a weapon that this guy is dead and it isn’t even a question to me.

DeRozan is one of those guys who is sneaky exciting to watch. We don’t give a damn down here in the States about him because, well, he plays for Toronto so therefore, he’s a Canadian (unofficially).

And look I have NOTHING against the Canadians. I love maple syrup. Big maple syrup guy actually. I get comments all the time about the amount of syrup I use on my pancakes. It’s because I love it and therefore, I love Canada. But we just don’t pay a lot of attention to what’s going on up there north of the border.

I wish the Raptors were more exciting because man is DeRozan electric. The guy keeps to himself and I wish he was more entertaining off of the court, but this dunk just moved him up my lift. This was wild and I felt my house shake from MA.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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