Bullet Club Taking Indie Wrestling To New Levels, Announce Location For “All-In”

Whenever someone mentions wrestling, the first thing anyone thinks of is WWE. Well, Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks of the Bullet Club are on a mission to change that.

Ever since Cody left the WWE back in May 2016, frustrated and determined to realize his full potential, he’s had a monstrous goal of selling out a 10,000 person arena. A feat that has yet to be accomplished on the independent wrestling scene. Around that time, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter tweeted that even indie wrestling juggernaut: Ring of Honor couldn’t do those numbers. Cody with a chip on his shoulder, took that as a challenge. All he said he needed was himself and the Young Bucks on the card, and 3 months to promote.

Fast forward almost 2 years later, and the biggest independent wrestling event of all time is now scheduled to take place at the Sears Centre Arena on September 1st, 2018.

Cody and the Bucks have taken on the immense task of self-financing this event, but that shouldn’t be a problem for 3 members of arguably the biggest stable in wrestling today. Bullet Club was already a popular act before his arrival in December 2016, but since then they’ve had a hugely successful Hot Topic partnership distributing Bullet Club shirts, pins, backpacks, and soon to be Bullet Club Funko Pops this summer. Not to mention their YouTube channel: Being the Elite has grown to nearly 200,000 subscribers since it’s inception less than 2 years ago. It’s become one of their primary ways to promote their upcoming matches, to progress their current storylines, and develop their wrestling characters.

Cody has used Being the Elite as a platform to elevate himself to becoming the most dastardly villain in wrestling right now, by manipulating nearly all of his fellow stablemen into fighting amongst themselves. This will arguably make the card for the show that much more interesting. Will Kenny Omega and Cody continue their fight for leadership through to September? Or will the rest of the group realize that they’re all being dooped and we see Cody beaten down by all of them at once? There’s so many possible routes to take leading up to the big show.

Including one that revolves around the location itself…

Speculation that the Chicago event will be the catalyst to put a certain former WWE champion that once went by “Best in the World” back into the wrestling spotlight. Most seem to think that Bury the Drug Free Bear will reveal himself to be CM Punk. After all, Punk loves his native Chicago Cubs to death, being one of the only things he consistently tweets about. Or maybe Bury will get caught with drugs, and the straight edge assassin will have to teach him a lesson.

Who knows? All I know is that Punk almost never talks about wrestling anymore, but on the rare occasion will tweet at Matt or Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks. They themselves have stated that they’ve briefly spoken to him about a possible return. “If he’s ever to come back, he said we’d be the first guys he’d call.” If there was ever a better guy to show that you can be successful without the WWE machine behind you, it’s CM Punk.

I don’t think they will have any problem selling out the Sears Centre. Hell, New Japan’s event in Long Beach this month completely sold out in less than 20 minutes. Besides, Chicago always flocks to wrestling shows, and they’re always a rowdy bunch when they do. Once tickets for the event finally go on sale, I have a feeling they will sell out rather quickly. In fact, I think most will be in agreement that they should have gone even bigger.

-Braden Jackson

One thought on “Bullet Club Taking Indie Wrestling To New Levels, Announce Location For “All-In”

  • Justin C. Perman

    Very well written. I’m not even a huge fan of wrestling but the way this guy writes has me hyped for a match I hadn’t known about until just now! Excellent.


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