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Verbally Committed: Syllabus Week

Welcome to Verbally Committed, presented by Couch Guy Sports. An all collegiate athletics podcast hosted by Connor Ryan and Mike Gilligan.

This weeks episode resembles that of a normal syllabus week at school, it’s quick and easy and just a basic introduction to everything.

Who Are We?

Connor Ryan: Is the main football guy, loves college football, and is a die hard Nebraska Cornhusker fan. Make fun of the mascot name all you want, he will remind you Nebraska has five national championships and Scott Frost is bringing them back baby. Also, a Providence College basketball fan when it comes to the hardwood which could lead to some tense episodes because.

Mike Gilligan: Is our college basketball mind, he can tell you the 11th player off of Holy Cross’ bench back in 1985. He is a die hard Rhody, Rhody, Rhody, Rams, Rams, Rams fanatic. “Gilli” has never been married because every girl he meets he tells them their future son will be named Lamar Odom Gilligan. He is however a college football free agent. He holds no true allegiances to a school although he really wants to. Will that be an episode in the future? Maybe…. (yes it will be)

How can I listen?

We will be posting new episodes every THURSDAY and you can find them basically wherever podcasts are listened to. As today is our first podcast together, and our first episode we are waiting for our Apple overlords to verify us to be on their podcast website but we are already on Spotify!

We will also be sharing the link to each episode on our twitter feed for you to listen and get the immediate hook up.

How Can I Be Part of the Show?

We want you all to be a part of our podcast. With that in mind we have coined the phrase, Student Section, for all of you listeners that want to chime in. Feel free to reach out to us via any channel, twitter, email (verballycommittedpodcast@gmail.com), text, carrier pigeon, etc. And give us any and all questions you might have that you want answered, episode ideas, guests you would like for us to try and get on, or if you just want to tell us we suck, that’s not very nice but fine. But of course anything you give us some input on, we will give you the biggest shoutout ever, and if your episode idea is good enough we will even have you on!

So give us a listen, give us a follow, a subscription, I don’t know we are new to this so just do whatever it is that people do to make podcasts famous and just do that. Thanks.


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