Josh Allen on the Rise

Most preseason MVP award ballots that come out prior to the 2020 NFL Season will list three names. Those names include Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, and Lamar Jackson. However, I believe there is another young Quarterback that will not be on any MVP list that has a chance to be one of the most efficient players in the NFL this year. Josh Allen is a Quarterback that the Buffalo Bills selected early in the 2018 NFL Draft to change the future of the Franchise along with their new Head Coach Sean McDermott. Allen started his rookie season as the backup. But, after the horrific start to the season by Nathan Peterman the rookie was called upon and since then has been able to earn the trust of not only his Head Coach but also his teammates. Allen will be entering his third season with the organization. Expect him to make a significant splash and dominate the AFC East. He is undoubtedly the best quarterback in the division.

Building Off Last Season

At just 23 years old, Allen was able lead his team to a 10-6 record in 2019. The Bills fell one quarter short of winning a playoff game. Houston had an incredible second half comeback to squeak by the Bills. The organization can see the upside in Allen. This is a major reason why they went out and traded for superstar wide receiver Stefon Diggs. By adding a top tier wideout the offense will be able to expand the playbook. The AFC East is the Bills division to win after veteran Tom Brady has moved his legacy down to Tampa Bay. As strong as Bill Belichick is he cannot change the fact his current Quarterback room is led by Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham. Buffalo was one of the most impressive teams last season when it comes to the measurement of expectations. This team will once again open the eyes of the NFL and reach the playoffs for a second consecutive season. Allen has plenty of room to grow when it comes to decision making and reading defenses. The young quarterback was able to throw 20 touchdowns last year. But, that light is dimmed by the nine interceptions in sixteen games. The running game was the most impressive in my opinion where Allen ran for 510 yards on 109 carries with a shocking nine Touchdowns. His ability to extend the play makes a defense’s job that much more complicated.

Defying The Odds

Believe me, I know how wrong people are going to tell me I am when I think Josh Allen is a top five MVP candidate for this season. But, his team will be in the playoffs and will most likely walk away with their division. The rest is up to Allen. If the youngster is able to clean up his mistakes in the passing game and pad a couple more Touchdowns to his 2020 campaign he will be right up there at the top of the league. Do not be surprised if the Buffalo Bills are able to put together a 12-4 showing and cruise to the Postseason. This team is on the rise as is there signal caller. Coming off a great season, Allen will take another leap in his progression. He’ll show his worth as a top player in the league.

-Fred O’Brien @FOBSportsNFL


One thought on “Josh Allen on the Rise

  • June 7, 2020 at 7:52 pm

    Josh Allen’s claim to fame is inconsistency. The only list he ranks top anything on (you know, the list that actually mattered for the ultimate outcome of the past season) is the list of top mistakes from Wild Card Weekend. He’s like a lost puppy dog under pressure. One can write about lots of players with potential; however, take a look at the facts. Josh Allen is like the terrible ex boyfriend one keeps giving second, third, tenth chances to – he’s really changed this time, he’s really learned his lessons, he’s really cleaned up his act, he won’t do it again… and the false promises continue (eye roll). My prediction, unlike yours, is that history shall repeat itself once again (surprise, surprise). Josh Allen will prove himself to be nothing but a dud. He can’t be relied on or trusted when it comes down to the make-or-break high pressure situations in a game.


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