Verbally Committed Episode 13: We Enter the Transfer Portal

It’s official, we have entered the transfer portal for the 2020 season. Please respect our decision and no interview requests at this time.

Well with Gilli not officially having a team, and Connor’s, Nebraska Cornhuskers, still technically not playing we need new teams to root for in the year of our lord 2020. This should be fun and in no way destructive to our finances through buying useless merchandise of said new teams…

Transfer Portal

You’ll hear in the episode that we never actually say transfer or transfer portal. We messed up, we said that we were “Free Agents.” It was only after recording and editing as we tried to think of a good episode title we realized we had done messed up.

Anyways, check out who Gilli and Connor pick for their new teams in 2020. And don’t worry we set parameters so that we didn’t take Bama or Clemson and walk our way into a national title.

Finally Some Gambling

Like we said, it’s not a huge board this weekend but there are some games for you to bet on. And while there are no power five conferences playing there’s still some good football being played.

Not only that, but you can still win money on non-power five teams, the quality of opponent doesn’t matter, just the cold hard cash.

Plus it’s early in the season, this is where you can get Vegas easy. Do you think they know anything about the SMU and Texas State game? No. So go get Vegas when they’re young and dumb at the start of the season.

Big Ten Come on Bro

As a Nebraska fan Connor would love to see the Big Ten come back and play football. Which is possibly the rumor that the Big Ten is meeting to decide whether or not to play football October 10th. In fact as I write this, by the time you read this who knows what the new story of the Big Ten will be, it changes every day.

One day it was coaches want to play, the next it was a Thanksgiving start date, then President Trump got involved and now it’s maybe October 10th.

By the time we record next week the Big Ten won’t even exist anymore.

QB Carousel in Georgia?

So Georgia quarterback, Jamie Newman, just recently opted out of the 2020 season. Sort of a surprising move but I mean he should be one of the better QB’s off the board next NFL Draft so not all that surprising.

But some questions arise from this, mainly, is Georgia still a relevant national title contender with out him?

And also why was Justin Fields in Athens, Georgia last weekend? The former Bulldog, now Buckeye could be a Bulldog again?

And LSU’s, Ja’Marr Chase, the top wide receiver in next years draft opted out as well, further dampening LSU’s chances at repeating.

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