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The MLB trade deadline has come and gone and the Red Sox were one the busier teams on August 31st. While the Red Sox didn’t go full into rebuild mode, Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom did give us a hint at a potential blueprint on the 2021 Redsox and beyond. The blueprint became a lot clearer after the 4pm deadline and it wasn’t just because of the trades they made, but it was because of their luxury reset. 

After the deadline; a consensus developed amongst the fans and the media that started with what Chaim Bloom kind of said that he has a “core” that he wants to move forward with. So I have a few questions to ask; Who is a part of that “core”? Is JD Martinez a part of that core? Is Andrew Benintendi? Christian Vazquez? Jackie Bradley Jr.?

The reason that I am asking these questions is that I saw a couple of tweets from RedSox Stats(@redsoxstats) and Redsox Payroll(@redsoxpayroll) that got me thinking about how to make the Redsox a competitive team in 2021 and for the future. 


The Post Mookie Core:

So who is the new Red Sox core? Of course you have Bogaerts, Devers and Verdugo moving forward, but what about Andrew Benintendi? Do you trade him for frontline starters that have multiple years of control? To answer my own question, I strongly believe that you do trade him if a frontline starter is available and that is probably the best route. After Marcus Stroman and Trevor Bauer the starting pitcher market is not good at all. It’s also highly unlikely that the Red Sox would sign Stroman or Bauer unless it is for a one year deal. 

Don’t be surprised if the Red Sox call the Indians this winter about Zach Plesac and do some sort of package that involves Benintendi?

Now what about JD Martinez and JBJ? Both will probably enter the free agent market this winter(JD has a player option of 19.75 million) Should the Red Sox bring them back?  I think they should at least try to keep JD, especially since they did not trade him at the deadline. The  sense that has been given out is that you should focus on a retool rather than a rebuild. It should be a no brainer to fix JD’s contract. Also they should bring JBJ back on a team friendly deal, especially if they want to be competitive next season. Don’t be surprised if they sign Marcell Ozuna or Michael Brantley on a short deal this winter as well.Especially if two of Benintendi, JD, and JBJ leave anyways. Maybe that is the plan already in the works, who knows.

Now to catcher Christian Vazquez; Is he a part of the “core”? That really depends on their interest in Realmuto. If they do sign Realmuto, then you would end up trading Vazquez to get a good return on him such as top prospects and potentially an arm to come out of the bullpen.. Realmuto is arguably the best catcher in the game. If they can get him then bye bye Vazquez who has one of the best contracts in the MLB.


Potential lineup and Pitching Staff:

Now, I know some people are going to think my trade ideas are ridiculous and that building a roster is absurd, but haters are going to hate lol


Here is a rough idea of what I think the Red Sox should look like at some point in 2021.


Starting Lineup                                    Rotation

RF Verdugo                                            Sale(when he returns from Tommy John)

SS Bogaerts                                            Pelsac

3B Devers                                               E-Rod(if he recovered from COVID complications)

DH JD Martinez                                     Perez 

C Realmuto                                             Eovaldi(if they can’t move his contract)

LF Brantley or Ozuna

1B Dablec

2B Chavis(until Jeter Downs get called up)



Bullpen(key arms):                               Manager:

Valdez                                                     Alex Cora(Yeah I want him back)




Colome or Yates


Now is this a World Series team?… It is far from it, but this roster should win anywhere from 85-90 games and should compete for a playoff spot while also being a respectable team to put out on the field. Again with luxury tax flexibility, they should try to retool to keep a competitive team on field while still restocking the farm system.


-Fiesta (@tsf52)

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