Verbally Committed Episode 12: Committing & De-committing From 2020 College Football Storylines

Folks, I don’t know if you noticed this or not… but we are basically a week away from college football. Next Thursday, September 3rd, we get Central Arkansas vs. UAB and South Alabama taking on Southern Mississippi. It’s no Iron Bowl but it’s college football folks, get excited.

So with that in mind this weeks episode was about potential storylines within college football for the year 2020. And we played a game of Buy or Sell but instead renamed it “Commit or De-Commit.” Get it? Because we are named Verbally Committed? Whatever.

Why the Introduction?

We start off the episode asking the important things about podcasts. Like why do we introduce the podcast at the top of the show? You more than likely either are already subscribed to it, or you searched for us specifically and clicked on us, so why are we like “Hey welcome to Verbally Committed!” Well no duh, I just clicked on this link knowing that. Weird right? Alright lets move on.

Is UNC Long Term Good?

The first Commit or De-Commit question, is North Carolina under Mack Brown actually good? And not just, “Congrats on getting to the Belk Bowl good” I mean challenge Clemson for an ACC title good.

Is the Heisman Trophy, Trevor Lawrence’s to lose now?

Ohio State is not playing football this year, which means no Justin Fields. Which makes it likely that all roads lead to Trevor Lawrence winning the Heisman. Or does it?

Also is the Heisman trophy handed out regularly this year? Or do they wait for the presumed spring football season to finish before giving out the award?

Is Bama better without Tua?

Seems odd to pose the question at all right? But maybe there is a point to be made where Alabama is a better championship caliber team when they don’t have a superstar under center.

Do we get TWO National Champs?

With the aforementioned spring season supposedly happening. Could a team from the Pac-12 or Big Ten claim a national championship?

How long until Mike Norvell gets fired?

New Florida State head coach, Mike Norvell, has gotten off to a rocky start at best with the Noles. Right now his contract is for six years and runs through 2025, does he make it to the end of his deal?

Do teams who aren’t playing get a leg up on recruiting?

With nothing else to do now does the Pac-12 and Big Ten have an advantage when it comes to recruiting this fall as compared to teams who are playing? Or if there is a spring season that cuts right into National Signing Day, are they actually going to end up getting burned by it?

Oklahoma in 2020

First, is it OU or the field who will win the Big 12 this season. And second, a BOLD take that Oklahoma, the team that gave up 63 points to Joe Burrow and LSU in the Playoff Semifinals, will be a top ten defense this year. Actually you don’t need to listen to the episode to get that answer. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO THEY WILL NOT.

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