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Verbally Committed, Ep. 8: No Beans Podcast, Featuring Erin Sorensen of Hail Varsity

What an episode this week. We are only eight episodes deep into our podcast and we have already peaked.

This week we are ecstatic to say that we were joined by the Deputy Editor at Hail Varsity, Erin Sorensen.

Now I get it, for many of you, living in New England you might not recognize the name or the company she works for, which is okay. If you’ve listened to us before you would know that one of the co-hosts, Connor, is a “dyed in the wool” Nebraska Cornhusker fan. Hail Varsity is a magazine, turned large media company that covers Nebraska athletics, and Erin is one of the main faces and voices of Hail Varsity.

So you can see why this was a big deal for Connor, who gets a chance to talk to one of his favorite members of Husker media. But even Gilli was excited to talk to Erin and as you listen you will learn why.

And with Erin’s help we covered an incredibly wide range of topics, lets break it down for you.

Taylor Swift Flexed on Everyone

We get down to the serious questions straight away with Erin. Mainly what her thoughts on T-Swift’s newest album Folklore and let’s just say, Erin is a huge fan.

Big Ten Scheduling Change

We talked about it a couple of weeks ago, but the Big Ten canceled all non-conference games. How does that effect Nebraska, and how does it shape the Big Ten as a whole this up coming season?


The Name, Image and Likeness debate for college athletes is raging on in state legislatures as we speak. And Erin has a passionate take on the matter. She’s better than we are, we admit we are selfish and just want NCAA video games to come back, Erin is fighting the good fight.

Women and Minorities in Sports

Credit Gilli here, this was a fantastic question on his part and an even better response by Erin. She talks about how we can all be more inclusive and better in the world of sports and sports media. Not to just women but also to minorities and what she feels is the process towards that ultimate goal of everyone having a fair shake in the business. And how we can all be more knowledgable moving forwards to other people and their experiences.

Lightning Round of Questions

Since Connor is a Nebraska fan, and she makes a living by covering Husker sports, we let Connor ask her some Nebraska based questions which bring up interesting points. Like which Big Ten press box serves McFlurries at their games? Is Scott Frost secretly addicted to Mountain Dew? Is Erin going to change her wedding venue to the 50 yard line of Memorial Stadium during a Husker game?

Chipotle Tips From a Veteran

If you follow Erin for just five minutes, you will learn that she is Chipotle’s biggest fan. But what is her perfected, go-to Chipotle order? We all have one. And for someone who has been perfecting her craft she has some secret insider tips that only a Chipotle master could share. So if you want to up your Chipotle game, listen to Erin.


You know how to follow us by now, hopefully. But in this weeks follow segment we want to highlight our guest, Erin Sorensen. You can follow her on twitter, instagram and of course you can read her work on Hail Varsity. And she has her own blog website as well.

Mike Gilligan (@BigGilli)

Connor Ryan (@connoryan68)

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