Vegas Golden Knights Trades, Two New Members

Yesterday brought some exciting news the Vegas Golden Knights have two new members via trades. This comes the same day that NHL teams (besides Vegas) needed to release their protected lists for the expansion draft. Although not involved in the expansion draft the Vegas Golden Knights were able to make headlines with these trades. But who are these new players?

Nolan Patrick (NSH) Trade

Nolan Patrick was on the Predators for a very very short time. Originally the Flyers sent Patrick and defenseman Philippe Myers to Nashville in exchange for Ryan Ellis. Minutes later it was announced this would be a three team trade as Vegas entered the conversation. The Predators then sent Patrick to the Golden Knights in exchange for center Cody Glass. Cody Glass was the Golden Knights first ever draft pick, but has been bouncing back and forth between the Golden Knights and Henderson Silver Knights. It was only a matter of time before he was traded and Nolan Patrick can be a name added to the center mix.

Report: Vegas Golden Knights acquire Nolan Patrick in 3-team trade, Cody Glass to Nashville Predators - Knights On Ice

But who is Nolan Patrick? He is the second overall 2017 NHL draft pick selected by the Flyers. Nolan Patrick made his NHL debut with the Philadelphia Flyers against the San Jose Sharks on October 4, 2017. His first NHL goal came in his fourth game on October 10, 2017. On July 21, 2018 Patrick was selected as the number 1 breakout player for 2018-2019 by NHL Network. After this Patrick had some setbacks, he missed all of the 2019-2020 NHL season with a migraine disorder. He returned to play in the 2020-2021 season with 4 goals and 5 assists. In his NHL career Patrick has played 197 games, has 30 goals and 40 assists. I could see him becoming the 3rd line center for the Golden Knights.

Brett Howden (NYR) Trade

The second move of the day comes in the form of a trade with the New York Rangers. Not even 30 minutes after move one was this trade announced. This trade was Brett Howden to the Golden Knights and Nick DeSimone and a 4th round pick in 2022 to the Rangers. Howden on July 9th had signed a one year contract with the Rangers. This did not stop the trade from happening before the expansion draft deadline. As for DeSimone he has no NHL playing experience and was traded to the Knights in the three-team trade back on April 12, 2021. Both these players seem to have a lot to prove.

Brett Howden Stats and News | NHL.com

Now for a little background on Brett Howden, drafted 27th overall in the 2016 draft by the Lightning. His NHL playing experience did not come until a trade to the Rangers on February 26, 2018. For his professional career Howden has played 178 games. In these games he has scored 16 goals and 33 assists. With the shortened season Howden’s production did go down. This past season he scored 1 goal and 6 assists. His first two seasons with the Rangers showed potential, so I am betting a change of scenery could help him out. Just like Nolan Patrick he plays center. Which means these two guys could be what the Golden Knights are testing out as center solutions. I see Howden as a bottom six guy.

Vegas Golden Knights Trades Summary

These two trades were potentials to improve our center bottom lines. Although Roy will give them both a competition for that spot. I do have questions moving forward in the offseason. First, what number will Nolan Patrick wear since #19 is taken? Two, is this the Knights solution to our center problems or are they waiting to see how the expansion draft plays out? Three, will these be flops or could we have given these players a new light to shine in? Finally, and probably the most important question on my mind… What emojis will these players pick?

I can not wait to see how the two new members of the Vegas Golden Knights play out.

Featured Image (NHL.com)

~Josie Averitt (@JosieAve on Twitter)

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