What The Hell Went Down in Saturday’s Red Sox-Yankees Game?

What do two rain delays with no rain, a bogus check swing, a dumbass fan, and two meh homers have in common? Well, it all happened in a Saturday rain-shortened Red Sox vs. Yankees showdown. The New York Yankees would finally get a win against their rival Boston Red Sox last night as they eeked by 3-1 in a rain-shortened 6 inning game. But, what the hell were the events leading up to its eventual call-off? Let’s run down the list.

What the Hell was the First Rain Delay in the Saturday Red Sox-Yankees Game?

In the MLB rule book, it is the team’s discretion up until the first pitch whether or not they want to delay or postpone a game due to weather. After that, it is at the discretion of the umpires. Well, at roughly 7:05 PM, ten minutes prior to the start of the game, the Yankees decided to delay until 8:05. During that roughly 50-minute rain delay, there was not one drop of rain. Why is that so significant? Well, in a few minutes, I will explain the reasoning behind that.

What the Hell was that Check-Swing Call in the Saturday Red Sox-Yankees Game?

Moving along to the top of the 6th inning, rain absolutely dumping in the Bronx, we come to a bases-loaded situation with Christian Vazquez at the plate. Vazquez went to choke up on what would have been a ball. The home plate ump looked down at first base ump, Laz Diaz, for the final word. That final word would end up being strike three and the final out of the inning.

That is when it got interesting. In between innings, bench coach, Will Venable, and backup catcher, Kavin Plawecki, were ejected after a massive argument with the first base ump. Those two had serious beef, as they should have because honestly, that was an absolutely horrendous call.

What the Hell was that Fan Doing?

Then, we get to the fun part. Going to the bottom of the 6th, the Red Sox took the field and right fielder, Alex Verdugo (who is known to chirp at fans for fun) tossed a ball into the stands before the start of the inning. It appeared as he turned around the ball was thrown back at him and hit him in the back. That’s when all hell broke loose as Verdugo absolutely lost it.

It got to a point where the manager, Alex Cora, pulled his players off the field. Apparently, the umps told them to “get back on the field, because the rain is coming.” Funny enough, it had already been pouring buckets for the last two innings. Cora was, quite obviously, not pleased nor was Verdugo. Nor should they be. Let us not be absolute idiots as fans and smarten up. Just enjoy the game. Enjoy the time and money you spent to be at this game. Do not ruin it by being a complete nitwit.

Here is what went down with Verdugo.

Here is what Verdugo had to say.

What the Hell was that Bottom of the 6th and Final Rain Delay?

From there, the bottom half of the 6th was played in an absolute monsoon. I mean, the infield was just a mud pit by the end. Anyway, Sawamura came in and gave up back-to-back homers to Sanchez and Torres. After some struggles defensively due to the rain, the inning finally ended.

At that moment, the tarp came out on the field. It would be another 50 minutes (with no rain) before the game was officially called off giving the Yankees the win.


There are so many questions about these decisions made at the end of the game and the two rain delays.

My biggest question is why? Why were there two 50-plus minute rain delays when there was no rain–the first being decided by the Yankees and the second being decided by the Umps and MLB?

If the game was started on time, the teams MAY have been able to avoid the monsoon rain. But, that is beside the point. My biggest question comes with the second rain delay. For the love of God, why are we calling a game in the 6th inning if it was not raining for almost an hour before the game was called off? I am not one to go with conspiracies like the MLB wanted the Yankees to win. Or, the Yankees were trying to not play this game due to so many players being out. But, what WAS going through their minds?

What the Hell is My Opinion on the Saturday Red Sox-Yankees Game?

I just want to know why the whole game was not played. Maybe I read the radar wrong. Maybe there was more rain coming. But, looking at it last night, it looked pretty clear to me. Let alone they had an even longer delay at this stadium against the Angels and they came back to play at almost 2 AM.

I just want the MLB and Yankees to clarify why these choices were made. Will we ever know? Probably not. But, it’s something they should consider.

-Jeff Hoak (@JeffHoak1)


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