Urban Meyer Needs to be Fired

To make a long story short, Urban Meyer is a piece of shit.

Multiple reports today indicate that Ohio State football head coach Urban Meyer knew about a domestic violence incident involving one of his assistant coaches. Instead of bringing the issue to his AD and removing the guy from his staff, Meyer elected to hold on to the information until OSU found out on their own. Remind you of another major college football scandal? *cough cough* Joe Paterno *cough cough*

If Joe Pa’ was canned, there’s no doubt in my mind that Meyer should receive the same punishment. What kind of piece of shit just turns his head away and let’s that happen? Meyer should be fired and that assistant shouldn’t be able to coach ever again. And as far as I’m concerned, Meyer probably shouldn’t be able to coach again either. That is a completely irresponsible use of your power as head of the football program. Just awful.

Something about me never really liked Urban Meyer. I couldn’t figure out what it was for a while, but now it all makes sense. Screw this guy.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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