UPDATE: Tedy Bruschi Is Recovering Well

So I wrote about on Friday how Tedy Bruschi suffered a stroke on the 4th of July. Do you remember how I told you all Tedy was going to fight this thing head on? Well…

Tedy came out today on Twitter and on Instagram to confirm he is doing very well in his recovery. Not only was he upgrading all of Patriot Nation on his status, but he was also educating the general public on stroke warning signs. This is why you can’t help but love and respect Bruschi. He is genuine, intelligent, and always trying to help people any way that he can. Obviously, we are all glad to see that he is recovering well. The tweet and instagram post from his own accounts were huge signs of improvement.

I personally can’t wait to hear Tedy talking on ESPN once again, in the near future. (Hopefully!)

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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