Tedy Bruschi Suffers Stroke, Expected To Make Full Recovery

Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi suffered a stroke yesterday. The family has said that Brusci is recovering well.

The Statement

The important part here is that Bruschi was able to recognize his symptoms right away. We all wish Bruschi a fast recovery. We also wish his family all of the kindest thoughts and prayers out there. There is one important thing to remember about Bruschi.

He Suffered A Stroke In 2005

Three days after playing in the 2005 Super Bowl, Bruschi started experiencing stroke signs and was rushed to the hospital. In October of that same year, he was cleared to resume football activities. If anybody remembers the home game against the Bills that year, it was an emotional one to say the least.

This game will always give me chills.

In Conclusion

We all know how tough Tedy was the first time he suffered a stroke. I have no doubt that he will be even stronger this time around. Get better soon, Tedy. All of us here in Pats Nation will be praying and rooting for you!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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