Let’s Get Gassed Up For the 2019 MLB Home Run Derby

Everyone knows chicks dig the long ball, and guys do too. The Home Run Derby is always a spectacle where some of the MLB’s best sluggers square off. Coming into the day, the lineup for this year was stacked.

However, on Sunday evening everyone not named Vlad Guerrero Jr got some bad news in terms of who we’ll get to see.



Yelich is now going to miss the event due to a back injury that also kept him out of action on Sunday.

In his place, Matt Chapman of the A’s will get his chance to take home bragging rights of the MLB’s ultimate slugger. With this transpiring, the odds of course recalibrated quite a bit.

As it stands now, the betting odds are;

Josh Bell 7-2
Vladimir Guerrero 9-2
Joc Pederson 5-1
Pete Alonso 5-1
Carlos Santana 7-1
Matt Chapman 8-1
Alex Bregman 8-1
Ronald Acuna10-1

Personally, I think Valddy Jr is going to win, I mean his swing is tailor-made for a derby. However, he will be the youngest participant in MLB Home Run Derby history. I also don’t love the buy-in on it. If I’m going to try to get a nice return for my bet, it’s hard t ogo against a smooth swinging lefty like Joc Pederson. It is 325-feet down each line, but right field has a shorter wall than left. Just something to keep in mind.

I really feel like this is going to be one of those special years in the Home Run Derby that every other year gets compared to.

-Dillon Leary

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