Ultimate March Madness Might Be Coming

We missed out on March Madness this year thanks to COVID-19. If you’re wondering what would have happened during those games then tune into the first two episodes of Verbally Committed where we break that down for you.

March Madness was the first real thing that COVID-19 took away from us. This was where we began to realize that this disease was actually a serious threat. And while it is now September and we are still trying to learn to live with this disease, a new idea for March Madness in 2021 has popped up.

I love this idea, and maybe what I love more is how big of a 180 turn around this is from last March Madness.

2020: No March Madness, no one gets to play


First off this just has to piss off the “participation trophy” people. And while I am usually on their side for most things, I would still argue here that if anything, the team that wins this championship certainly earned it.

Why This Idea?

The reasoning the coaches give behind this is that it gives everybody a fair shake. Small conferences and schools who might not have the resources of a power five program in terms of testing and other safety protocols don’t have to worry about the scheduling and possible cancellation of a big non-conference pay to play game.

Like your smaller school agreeing to go to Chapel Hill just to get the crap kicked out of them by North Carolina in exchange for a check that pays most of their bills.

And for many mid-major schools, sometimes pulling off that upset is the win they need on their resume to play in March.

It also allows for flexibility in terms of scheduling. Some conferences might cancel non-conference games. Some might not, so to subjectively try and pick from a pool of teams who all have different schedules, records and experiences will be impossible.

This is also is not a permanent thing. The coaches have agreed that this will be a one year deal, a different set up for a different year.

Is It For Sure Going To Happen?

As we have seen thanks to the Big Ten in football is that just because coaches come up with really good ideas, doesn’t mean jack. It’s up to the NCAA, athletic directors and university presidents to actually put the plan into motion.

So while Jim Boeheim and Mike Krzyzewski might seem like this idea has a legitimate chance, they could be in their AD’s offices this afternoon as I write this being told “Cool idea, but no.”

Should We Want This?

Oh my god absolutely yes! Why not? What is so wrong with more basketball? What is wrong with more upsets? The only people who complain that March Madness is too long are dead and soulless piles of mush. I am absolutely all for it.


Sure there will be some obvious blow outs like Kansas beating Kennesaw State by the time the team buses pull in to the arena. But there will still be spreads, it will still be march and it will be basketball.

All in all it will still be March Madness god dammit. Now if we can start working on getting the football playoff expanded…

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