UEFA Champions League Week 2: Must Watch Matches & More…

Week 2 of the Champions League 2020 is here and the matches just keep getting better and better each week honestly.

As i am sure you already have, on episode 8 of the Yellow Card Podcast, Chris Jones and I went over our predictions for this week. If you haven’t catch the latest episode, you can catch it here!

I am personally looking forward to another hot week in soccer but there are some matches that i am more looking forward to as they are a definite must-watch. Lets go over some of them, shall we?

Champions League Week 2 – Must Watch Matches TODAY!

  • Atletico Madrid vs. RB Salzburg

Atletico Madrid vs Red Bull Salzburg Predictions - Betwithcindy.com

Listen, this one is just an interesting match overall and here is why.

Atletico comes into this match after a devastating man-handling by a Bayern Munich that doesn’t show any signs of a potential slow down coming for them. So if you’re Diego Simeone, you are likely telling yourself this is the match to take all that anger out and show some HUEVOS! (Balls in Argentine Spanish, LOL), if you don’t know what i mean still, allow me to give you a quick reminder…

Atlético de Madrid - Juventus (2-0): Simeone, mucho más que "huevos" | Fútbol

Anyway! Atletico will surely come into this match with an “all or nothing” mentality even though it is only week 2, so expect to see Luis Suarez and Diego Costa to go absolutely ballistic in the pursuit for goals against a tough RB Salzburg defense. I am going with a Atletico 2-1 victory over RB Salzburg.

  • Atalanta vs. Ajax

Atalanta vs Ajax Champions League Odds, Prediction and Picks 10/27/20

Atalanta are showing us all why they are a force to be reckoned with in every sense. I am not just saying this because there are two extremely good Colombian forwards on the team, i am saying this because Atalanta is simply just that damn good!

The Italians will be facing an Ajax team lacking talent upfront as well as versatility. Now that Ajax no longer have Donny Van De Beek, it is up to Tagliafico to find ways to make it to the back of the net and where Atalanta has a strong defense, i find that almost unlikely to happen. If i was you, i would locking my bets today, much like our boys at The Chasers podcast advised on their article today. Catch it here also!

Must Watch Match – TOMORROW!

Here comes the best part of the second week in Champions League and the football fans and Gods are in for quite the treat too!

What exactly am i talking about? We are into for the treat we have wanted in 2020, a collision between no other than Cristiano Ronaldo versus Lionel Messi.

While there are some decent matches tomorrow, there is absolutely nothing that can compete with what we will all be watching come 4PM EST tomorrow. Here it is!

Messi vs CR7: First time in the UEFA Champions League group stage - LigaLIVE

YES! it is no other than Barcelona vs. Juventus and it is set to be a great one.

In my opinion, i believe we can be in for a close match but something in my mind is telling me that Messi could be in for another blow out.

Barcelona confirmed an unfortunate thing for Lionel Messi which is the absence of his partner, Phillippe Coutinho due to a hamstring injury that will lag for about 3 weeks, maybe more depending on the extend of it.

While the news are unfortunate, there is a plus side for Lionel Messi as he does have a young and talented Ansu Fati who continues to rattle the soccer world with his talents.

The flipside is that we have a Juventus side loaded as well. While the Bianconeri come into this match with new head coach, Andrea Pirlo, i would not underestimate their talents especially when you got guys like Juan Cuadrado, Paulo Dybala, Mario Mandzukic and more. I will stick with a prediction of 2-1 in Juventus’ favor but like i said earlier, i have a funny feeling that this could be a blowout win for Juventus.

In Conclusion…

The rest of the matches will definitely be interesting to match as it is week 2 and most either need a win or tie to stay alive. One team i personally think that needs to figure out their game immediately is Manchester United as i previously mentioned. Reason being is, Ole has a phenomenal midfielder in Donny Van De Beek but also a solid center back and sweeper option in Scotty McTominay, why not play them both!

People like Paul Pogba and Fred really aren’t doing much to contribute to the needs for Manchester United. Meanwhile, you got guys like Juan Mata meshing really well with Bruno Fernandes and Edinson Cavani, it makes no sense to me why you wouldn’t add that creativity to your game right now that DVB brings in the middle of the field.

Anyway, all i know is, don’t miss out on week two of the Champions League!

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter)

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