Top 5: The Best World Series of the 2010’s

Game 6 of the 2020 World Series is tonight, and we might see the end of the season if the Dodgers can overcome Blake Snell, so I thought we’d turn back the clock a little to the top 5 World Series of the 2010’s. Personally, I count only one of a team’s wins in my top 5 if they’ve won multiple (sorry Red Sox and Giants fans).

5. David Ortiz carries the Red Sox to a win in the 2013 World Series

The other day I saw a tweet on how David Ortiz had a .688 batting average during the 6 games of the 2013 series, something I know and cherish in my heart. What I didn’t know was that the rest of the team only had a .211 average combined! That’s the sort of difference that exemplifies how valuable Papi was in that series, and the postseason overall. I couldn’t find that particular tweet, but here’s a similar one from Jared Carrabis the other day:

That’s absolutely insane.

4. The Kansas City Royals win their first Series in 30 years in 2015

A year removed from their loss to the next team on this list, the Royals stormed back to the Series to face off against the Mets, defeating them in 5 games. The series could have gone on longer, if KC didn’t tie the game in the ninth. They then exploded with five runs in the 12th, which the Mets could not overcome. Considering it may be another 30 years before the Royals win the big one again, this one is definitely a top 5 moment.

3. The San Francisco Giants win their third WS in five years in 2014

I’m ranking this one over the other two Giants wins because it was the one that cemented San Francisco’s dynasty, being the last of the three. Of course, I was tempted to rank the first one due to Red Sox legend Edgar Renteria getting MVP of that series, but I consider this one more important. MadBum was a beast, and rightly won his own MVP as a result. It was a gutsy performance

2. The Washington Nationals win their first World Series ever in 2019

In case you couldn’t tell, I put a lot of weight in the emotional impact of each World Series win. Last year’s win for the Nationals was a big one for D.C. In addition, the momentum of the series shifting from being up 2-0, to down 3-2, to coming back in game 7 for the victory. Including their history as the Expos, that’s 50 years without a title. Plus, the win came at the expense of the Astros, right before their scandal broke. Call it divine justice.

1. The Chicago Cubs break the Curse of the Billy Goat in 2016

What else would you expect to make the top of the list? The greatest World Series moment of the 2010s has to be game 7 of 2016, when the Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years. Unless you’re an Indians fan, it was hard to root against a team that went so long without winning the big one. As a Red Sox fan especially, I felt a kindred spirit to 2004 when the Red Sox broke their own 86 year curse.

That’s my personal top 5. What’s yours?

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– Pat Shuman (@PShu1996 on Twitter)

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